Improving Quality of Your Business Travels

Unlike in the past, modern business is constantly on the move and, if you want to succeed, you will be forced to chase after it. This applies to going one meeting to another, from one conference to the next one and so on and so forth. The most difficult thing here is that this kind of mobile business schedule will often require you to travel great distances (sometimes even between continents). For this reason alone, you need to be familiar with some of the most difficult and most persistent problems you may encounter. This will help you to always be prepared for the worst possible outcome.


Missing Your Flight

One of the most obvious problems you will encounter will be missing your flight. Now, sometimes you will have no one to blame but yourself (for example if you oversleep or underestimate travel time from your apartment to the airport). On the other hand, sometimes things will simply be out of your hands.  You may head out in time, but encounter a traffic jam on your way to the airport. You may also find that, although you have already purchased a card, there is no seat for you on the plane. This hardly seems fair (or legal) but a lot of air companies oversell tickets because they to count the no-shows. What you can do to prevent this is either ask right away for your seat assignment (if they refuse, they probably oversell) or go to the airport a lot earlier. The latter solution is more reliable and also applicable to the aforementioned traffic jam issues.


Losing Things

Next most common problem you will encounter is losing things. How inconvenient will this be, depends on what you have lost. Losing your iPhone, your wallet or your passport can have a catastrophic outcome, while losing an USB drive with movies on it can be just a slight inconvenience. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent these kinds of things from happening, so all you can do is reduce the chances for that. By getting yourself a reliable luggage, you can make sure each of your travel items is in its predetermined compartment. Sure, even the entire luggage can get lost at times, but in that case you can apply for a reimbursement from the airline company. This is possible if you’ve saved all the airport receipts, which is why paying by credit card is always a good idea.

Getting The Room

Once you get to your target destination, you would have to find a place to stay. In normal circumstances, this should be something you should have taken care off right after booking your flight. However, things don’t always run smoothly and, same as airports, hotels sometimes overbook as well. As unfair as it may sound, they won’t just evict someone from the room even though you booked it two weeks before them. Now, in these kinds of situations (providing there are no rooms vacant), financial reimbursement is usually in order, but this still leaves you without a room for the night. Luckily, there are apps like Hotel Tonight on both iTunes and Google Play, which can help you get a room in a moment’s notice.

Getting Bored

Finally, when it comes to the gravity of the situation getting bored during your flight cannot be compared to the rest of the aforementioned problems, but it is still a major nuisance. This is especially true if you travel a lot. Luckily, in the early 21st century, if you have a smartphone this is not a problem you should worry about. All you need to do is download Netflix, HBO or AMC app for your phone and you can enjoy some of your favorite TV shows while in the cab or while waiting on the airport. Additionally, you can also download some game apps and play them even while your phone is in the airplane mode.


Some of these problems can be easily solved by using the right app. Some require resourcefulness and right travel accessories. Finally, at times they can be solved just by getting up earlier in the morning and being at the airport few hours before. Even though it may seem too simple to work, you would be surprised just how much difference can these subtle alterations make when it comes to your business trip.