Glenn’s World, Part 2

After my previous scribbling’s a few of you were asking; ¨who is this Oceaneering? ¨ I realized not everyone knew who they were or what they did, so I thought I should expand on them a little. Especially since they got the international ball rolling! This will be a brief overview of just a small part of what Oceaneering was involved in, because I was never part of many of the different aspects that make up the company.

Oceaneering started out as a small commercial diving company in the Gulf of Mexico and expanded over the years by using the adage, ¨if you can´t beat em, buy em!¨ This philosophy worked well for them over the years and they expanded into a fairly large diving company with offices worldwide. They eventually began using remotely operated and autonomous underwater vehicles. This is where I came in, starting in the Maryland office before moving to the Houston, Texas office and finally to the office in Dubai. So they were solely responsible for giving me my first taste of international travel and realizing that there was a world outside of these great United States, and it´s pretty interesting.

For those of you who remember when TWA flight 800 went into the ocean off the coast of New York. Oceaneering was a big part of locating that plane and recovering the pieces so investigators could try to figure out exactly what caused that crash. We made the two trips down to the ship wreck of the Titanic and did the underwater filming for a special the Discovery Channel produced. I was not personally a part of those jobs but had friends that were. I was also lucky enough to be on the job for the Discovery Channel production where we did the research and filming of the area where the underwater earthquake caused the Tsunami that created the terrible destruction to Thailand. And we recovered a ferry boat off the coast of Italy and several treasure hunting jobs. We never did find any treasure but my paycheck was the same regardless.

The US and United Kingdom were conducting joint military exercises off the coast of Maryland when an accident occurred and a British helicopter went into the water. The pilots survived and we received the contract to recover the chopper so the military could work to discover the cause of the accident. All of these jobs were for the Maryland and Houston offices before I moved to the Dubai office and started jobs primarily for the oil industry, working around Africa.

The petroleum industry was always Oceaneerings bread and butter but management was smart enough to diversify. As things are in the world today, with the price of oil, that makes that decision seem even smarter.

So now you know a little more of my background and how my traveling got its start, and as I said before, my passport´s first stamp came from Indonesia on my way to Singapore. So I´ll leave you here and get ready to dive into the next story of my experiences with Singapore!