Five Things to See in Bristol, England

  1. City of Bath


There is a train that frequently leaves from Bristol, taking its passengers to the historical city of Bath. Bath is home to the famous Roman bath houses. Although you can no longer use the bath houses, they are largely still intact and the museum they now house is expertly put together. Within the museum, one can admire many original stone carvings and the sophisticated water piping for the baths.  There are also displays of expensive rings and stones that were lost by lords and ladies. The museum is also filled with models of what historians believe the baths looked like during the Roman era. Apart from the Roman baths, the city of Bath is a wonderful place to experience English culture and architecture. For adventurous people, Bath marks the beginning of the Cotswold Way, which is a 100-mile trek that takes its travelers through stunningly beautiful countryside.  From the Bristol train station, it takes ten to fifteen minutes to arrive in the city of Bath.

  1. Cabot Tower


View from Cabot tower

Cabot Tower was constructed in the 1890s. Consequently, by English standards, it is practically brand new. Although Cabot Tower may not have as much historical significance as other landmarks, it is a wonderful location for a 360˚ view of Bristol. The tower is free to the public and easily accessible from the city. It is found within a public park called Brandon Hill. The park itself is nothing spectacular, but it is a great place to relax, read a book, or enjoy a picnic.

  1. Christmas Steps


Whenever my fiancée and I walked somewhere in Bristol, we went out of our way to walk the Christmas Steps. These steps are a historical landmark that transports their visitors back in time to old England. The Christmas Steps are believed to have been constructed in 1669. Over the years, the steps have gone through several name changes, which include Queene Street and Londsford’s Stairs. It is amazing that the steep-slanted Christmas Steps are still so beautiful to this day. The steps are now home to modern shops, art galleries, and street art.

  1. Street Art


Street art has become widely popular, whether it is contracted work or anonymous artists. The city of Bristol is at the heart of this movement, mainly because it is seen as the birthplace of the artist Banksy. Banksy has become world famous through his controversial pieces of art that question ugly societal norms. If you are unfamiliar with Banksy, I recommend watching his documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop. In Bristol, magnificent pieces of street art can be found everywhere. It seems like they are popping up on every street corner. If you want to explore Bristol’s street art movement, you can seek out a guided tour or search for them yourself using this website.

  1. St. Nicholas Market


I have always loved local markets filled with street food, music, and friendly faces. I believe St. Nicholas Market has a special place in my heart because my fiancée and I found it by accident. It is funny how the unplanned experiences seem to stand out the most. St. Nicholas market seems to have every food style you may want. There are food vendors selling Greek, Jamaican, and Indian cuisine among others. My fiancée fell in love with short bread when we were in England. Her favorites were the slices with caramel on top. She swears she had the best piece at St. Nicholas market, and I would have to agree. St. Nicholas market is also a fabulous place to shop for souvenirs.

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