File before the IRS contacts you

You will be in a much better position if you file your tax returns and get your finances in order before the IRS contacts you. Once the IRS empties your bank account or seizes your assets, you are well behind in the count and will probably strike out in three. Once the IRS contacts you, it’s a race to your assets that you will probably lose.

For this reason, I suggest you need to be ready to deal with the great collector before the IRS contacts you. For example, file any delinquent tax returns, organize your finances so you can afford to make necessary monthly payments, pay off any debts you believe are more important than government (especially credit cards and loans from family and friends), and do whatever is necessary to put yourself in the best defensive posture available to defend against the coming attack.

Many think they can ignore the IRS, which will only work until the computers find out where you’re located or an agent is assigned to your case. I guarantee that you will come out of the war better off if you meet the enemy head-on.

You see, sometimes the IRS doesn’t press the issue because they want your rights to expire – all statues that limit their ability to slam your accounts to run out. Once all of those pesky laws are out of the way … you no longer have a right to contest their actions … then they are ready to take whatever they can find. If you don’t understand your rights, the various statues of limitations, or how much you are required to pay and under what circumstances, you can get in to a lot of trouble going up against an experienced adversary.

Don’t get caught watching the ball go by. Take action, read the many articles on this site on how to deal with the IRS, and stop the collector. Get ready for the fight before the IRS contacts you.

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