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Every week I like to bring you the latest expat news from all around the world, and this week I found some pretty heartwarming stories. At Escape Artist, we fully believe that expats have the power to become a strong member of a new community. In this week’s round-up, read how one pair of expats went to great lengths to show pride in their new home.

If you want to escape the impending snow, I’ve also gathered some of the sunniest countries out there this holiday season. Also, find out what one researcher found out about which expat families have the easiest time with their overseas transition. You may be surprised by the results!

If You Don’t Walk Over 150km for Your New Home, are You Even an Expat?

It’s always heartwarming to hear that expats are making an effort to show pride in their new home. Not only does that show that expats can assimilate to a new country, but they can really embrace it. Two Dubai-based Indian expats have done just that.

Umesh Goel and Devendra Singh showed pride and gratitude by walking over 170km through all seven emirates. The duo walked all that way to “pay our tribute to the martyrs and heroes of the UAE and express our gratitude to the Rulers of Dubai and the UAE for developing this country as a diversified and inclusive melting pot of all nationalities where we enjoy our lives with family and friends”.

They walked a total 172km in 42 hours.

If you are an expat, make an extra effort today to show your pride in your new home. Embrace your differences, learn something new, make a new friend, and make the world a good place.


Hey Ladies! – Women in Expat News

Women are better expats?

I’m sure you are wondering how anyone could be a better expat than another. One study found that there is a group of people who are just simply better…women!

Many couples are lucky enough to move overseas because one of the spouses had a job opportunity that led the family to the exciting life of living abroad. Senior lecturer at the Singapore University of Social Sciences, Yvonne McNulty, found that the most successful moves occurred when the family relocated because of the woman’s career.

With a move like that, the relationship at home is what determines the success. What McNulty found is that women are more likely to make sure that the new job works out for everyone in the household, both before and after the move, ensuring that family life is maintained.

She also notes that women tend to put less pressure on their families to say yes to the move. If the partner is not 100% on board with the move, women are more likely to turn down the opportunity.

Like in their home countries, women continue to take on child caretaker and homemaker duties, even if they are the breadwinner of the family. They are looking out for their family needs as well as their own at all times.

More women are entering the expat workforce.

A separate study found that more women than ever are being offered international assignments. In fact, 25% of the people currently working on overseas assignments are women, which is a large jump from the 13% calculated in 1995.


It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas! Please Help!

As fall ends here in the U.S., all the beautiful orange, red, and yellow leaves are now brown and all over the ground. Days are getting shorter. The sun is nowhere to be found. Wind breakers are being hung up and the parkas, hat, and scarves are back in vogue. It’s only a matter of time when that dreaded snow begins to fall and plague us until March!

If you want to avoid having to deal with all that comes along with snow: warming up the car, shoveling the driveway, hats, and gloves – then check out some of the sunniest places to be an expat.

  • The Mediterranean country of Spain can get up to 300 sunny days every year.
  • In the South of France, you can expect almost 230 sunny days annually.
  • Relax with some gelato during the 330 days of sun in some regions of Italy – but beware, summer months can be scorching!
  • The beaches of Rio in Brazil are sunny and seeing an increased number of expats every year.
  • Thailand is full of visitors enjoying a gap year and the abundance of sun, as well as older expats who enjoy the south Asian paradise.

Just because it’s going to snow at home, doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Explore the world and get some sun!

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December is a Month for Expats in Istanbul

One of the best parts of living abroad is connecting with fellow expats from around the world. Being able to showcase our similarities and differences is a great perk of exploring this wonderful earth.

This month is jam-packed with events for expats by expats in Istanbul. These events showcase the cultural diversity found in the expat community. December is the perfect month for this kind of celebration, especially when those far away from home begin to miss their family and loved ones. Events range from live performances to charity events.

  • December 5: Spoken Word Istanbul – This weekly event is one of the most popular activities in the expat community. Anyone who would like to can take the stage for six minutes and perform anything from poetry to storytelling.
  • December 7: Syrian Food Fundraiser by Istanbul and I
  • December 5 and 8: Storytelling by French expat expert and storyteller, Judith Liberman.
  • December 9: Winter Charity Market
  • December 14: Kolektif Istanbul – This musical collective was founded by French expat and saxophonist, Richard L’Niepce, and his wife Ash Dogan. They are well known for their exciting live performances. They will also be playing on December 27.


Seeking Adventure? Have You Considered South Africa?

If you are sick of your sedentary lifestyle, expatriating is always a good option to mix things up. The 2017 Cigna 360° Well-Being Survey found that South Africa is especially appealing for those looking for a better quality of life at a lower cost that comes with an extra side of adventure. In fact, 74% of expats in the country came for the adventure.

The survey also found that expats in South Africa stayed up to seven years in their new home, which is significantly longer than expats who chose a different country.

With corruption, crime, and political unrest, South Africa seems like an unlikely destination for those looking for a new home, but 68% of expats say they are happy with their decision and many are happy with their career options.

This goes to show that taking a risk can pay off, especially when it comes to adventure.


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