Escape the Fourth World Pt. II


This is the second installment in this two-part article. Click here to view Part one.

By keeping us as indentured servants to the almighty U.S. petrodollar, or debt slaves to heinous loan schemes, the U.S. has blurred the lines between stateless indigenous peoples and other people of the same socioeconomic consequence – people who are otherwise unrepresented constituents because of their marginal places in society and the economy. In other words, the native Americans who begrudgingly aligned with a totalitarian system as a survival tactic have created a pocket of social distinction for otherwise marginalized citizens, equalizing all members of this widening class on a socioeconomic scale.


You are probably thinking, “Ok, but I still don’t see how I’m affected.” Many Americans will never live in poverty, without savings, or in otherwise lower class struggles. There will always be a middle class and an upper class. The U.S. remains the strongest economy in the world, and maintains the strongest currency and military too. Nonetheless, according to a May 2015 study by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) on retirement preparedness, half of American households have no retirement savings at all. The economic collapse that many financial gurus will tell you about is indeed quite scary, but many are a bit feverish and want you to make haste-fueled investments into their own schemes. The real threat facing the American middle class right now is not to your personal well-being or your family, it is to your way of life.


As our culture is eroded by the powers that be, mining value out of human capital, the ceilings of each class within American society are propped up higher and higher. The cost of maintaining a way of life on par with traditional values becomes exponentially more severe. The pockets of fourth world citizens who not only share the same bill of rights with you, but also the same resources, infrastructure, and space will continue expanding under the current political regimes. Our political system is broken beyond repair, and the only chance you have at escaping the pervasive socioeconomic wake that will infiltrate our schools, government institutions, health systems, utilities, and everyday lives, other than to become a powerful government representative, is to diversify your way of life to a freer place.


Freer does not always mean a more luxurious or controlled atmosphere. In fact, it means a place where you can choose to make your own financial decisions and risks, and stand to profit or lose accordingly. It means for the sake of your children and your children’s children, who may not have the same opportunities you have had, that you should be looking to the horizon and beyond. It means you can and should escape the fourth world now by abandoning the lost cause of the American dream for the new outlook by the same name. Freer is better, and you can be freer when you escape the fourth world. For further reading on living overseas, check out our other articles under the Live tab of Escape Artist.

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