Driving Abroad: The Pros And Cons Of Taking Your Own Car

No matter if you drive a top of the line Fiat or a Jaguar XF, we’d hardly blame you for finding a reason to drive and spend your time out on the road. By taking your own car on a holiday abroad, you can spend time exploring in the comfort of a vehicle that you know, but is this always the best option? Here, we are going to look at the pros and cons of taking your own car abroad.  

The Pros


When traveling abroad with your own car, it gives you the freedom you need to travel and explore the area around you as you see fit, without a time schedule. In addition to this, by taking your own car, you can cut the holiday short, or travel around to other areas without car hire or public transport being a problem.

When driving abroad with a foreign or hired car, you also run the risk of not knowing what type of fuel is needed or the location of the fuel cap. Although this may only seem like a small detail when traveling, this can cause problems down the line and is something that can be easily eliminated by taking your own car.

If, for example, you decide to drive your new Fiat abroad on your adventure and you previously purchased it from a Fiat dealership, you will know that your car is extremely reliable and will, therefore, reduce the chances of breaking down, allowing you to enjoy your trip no matter the distance.


When traveling in your own car, you also have the opportunity to enjoy longer road trips from location to location. This then makes the price of your holiday significantly cheaper due to the price of flights being completely eliminated. In addition to this, there are also a number of fees that you can avoid by taking your own car that can also increase the price of your holiday. Therefore, by taking your own car, you are saving yourself money in the long term.


The reliability of the vehicle is also a problem for many when hiring and traveling abroad, however, this can also be resolved. By taking your own car, you’ll know if your vehicle is reliable and safe to drive long distances, making this the ideal option for those that are doing a tour around Europe.

The Cons

Cultural Differences

One of the cons of taking your own car abroad is the cultural experiences that you may encounter, including the language barrier on road signs or the change in speed calculations such as the difference between mph and Kph.

These small cultural differences can have a substantial effect on your driving and could mean you accidentally get in trouble with the local authorities. For this reason, opting for public transport rather than driving could be beneficial.Consumer Resource Guide


When traveling around busy towns and cities, it can be difficult to find a place to park the car and once you have located a spot, it can cost quite a significant amount. In addition to this, parking signs could be unclear and could lead to the easy mistake of parking where you shouldn’t.


Another downfall when driving abroad is the amount of traffic that you may experience while driving from location to location. Unfortunately, traffic is something that cannot be avoided, but when spending time in your own car, you are in a familiar environment and can make yourself as relaxed as possible, making something that is unavoidable far more bearable.

No matter where you decide to travel, taking your own car can help you to travel in style. Whether you are cruising the open road or you are tackling the crowded streets of Paris, there are plenty of reasons why taking your own car is cost effective.

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