Cryptospace Berlin: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference in July 2018

Cryptospace Berlin 2018, will be the second largest European event related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, after the Moscow event in December 2017. Leading authorities in the Blockchain field will bring opportunities and benefits of Bitcoin, Blockchain technology, state regulations, cyber security, and any important updates in the field.

Expected to be held on 9th July 2018 at Landsberger Allee 106, Vienna House in Berlin Germany, the conference will gather over 1200 Blockchain participants, with over 30 speakers from around the world. The schedules of the day will run from 10:00 AM to 18:00 PM. Last year’s event, the first Cryptospace conference, had over 3000 delegates making it the largest Blockchain event to have been held in Russia.

The crypto-space Berlin conference brings together both Large and medium-sized companies who are working in the Blockchain industry. Like any other conference, you can expect discussions on various pitfalls through which these large businesses have been to, to avoid similar mistakes. Government officials will also be present, to let you know the latest news on regulations on the use of Blockchain technology at the state level.

Sources say that the motive of the conference is to provide a convenient forum where new entrants into Blockchain technology can create a future. Here’s what the sources said, “This is more than a thousand of participants, who are not only interested in the blockchain, as a today’s phenomenon, but they’re the ones creating the future! And that’s why we offer the high-quality content of the program and make the networking between participants and speakers both comfortable and productive.

We keep abreast of the blockchain technology development and prepare the exclusive content that will answer the most burning questions and will open up new opportunities for you! For gathering crypto-experts, best Bitcoin wallet providers and interested in technology people we’ve chosen almost the center of Europe – Berlin!”

The conference will be held in two sections, one with a prospective vision and the other parallel section concerned about financial insights.

The Prospective Vision

In this section, possibilities of blockchain technology success, prospective learning, engagement with world’s top blockchain experts and so much more. Furthermore, technological integration, cryptography, and techenomics will also be a top discussion in the prospects of blockchain technology.

The delegates present will analyze the situation of the already established Bitcoin and blockchain technology as well as the future of cryptocurrency. Primarily, the event provides an opportunity to find the latest technology in the world of the blockchain.

Financial Insights

This forms the second phase of the conference. From this section, the financial aspect of cryptocurrency, the evolution of ICOs, benefits, and risks of using cryptos and Blockchain technology will be prime discussions.

Leading experts and entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology will offer their knowledge and experiences in ICOs, crypto investment and trading. This section provides advice to avoid unnecessary mistakes when investing in Blockchain projects.

Here is What You Need to Know about Bitcoin Before Attending Such a Highly Prized Conference

Choosing a Bitcoin Wallet:

To choose a secure bitcoin wallet, you will need to consider how you want to use it, the level of security and convenience. With this in mind, keeping your bitcoins in a hardware wallet and storing it in a secure place is the best option. Online wallets are the least secure since you have to trust someone else with your keys and you run the risk of being hacked.

Securing Your Bitcoin Wallet

Keeping in mind that bitcoin makes it easy for you to transfer funds from anywhere in the world, securing your wallet is very important. Such level of convenience comes with certain risks and security concerns, and it’s up to you to take some precautionary measures. Here are tips to help you keep your bitcoin safe:

Be Cautious with Online Services

Since bitcoin may take a considerable amount of investment, you should be careful with any service fashioned to keep you money online. Keep in mind that various wallets and exchanges have been victims of malicious attacks and most of them don’t provide enough security or insurance. That said, you should consider a two-factor authentication procedure or chose a physical bitcoin wallet.

Backup Your Wallet

Storing a backup of your bitcoin wallet in a safe place allows you to access your funds, even when your computer fails. It also ensures that you can easily recover your bitcoin in case the wallet is stolen or lost. That means you should backup your entire wallet, including all the hidden private keys.

Encrypt Your Wallet

Just like encrypting your Smartphone, this allows you to protect your bitcoin against theft.  Though it may not protect your wallet against keylogging software and hardware, anyone who wants to withdraw or transfer the funds must have the password.

If you know all these above, then this conference will be the perfect networking arena to help improve your stand in the industry.

Date: 9th July 2018

Venue: Landsberger Allee 106, 10369 Berlin Germany – Vienna House.

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