We Can All Do Our Part to Keep the Planet Beautiful

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Hello readers,

This week, we’re bringing you some interesting news, facts, and happenings from around the world. We all know that our planet should be nourished and kept clean, and we can all do our part, no matter how small of a task… or big. This week, I found two stories of people doing their part to keep things clean.

Also included in this round-up, find out how one man refuses to let a downfall in his life ruin his chances at exploring the world and learn what Oscar-winning film is inspiring the LGBT trip of a lifetime.

As always, the newest Escape Artist content can be found at the end this newsletter. One of my favorites is the piece on the soccer player who has created his own cryptocurrency.


A Little Weekly Inspiration

If you ever feel defeated, or that accomplishing your goals seem impossible, listen to this story of a U.S. expat who has decided not to let his obstacles get in the way. For 23 years, Dr. Brian Thornton has suffered from macular degeneration causing him to be partially blind. He has trouble recognizing faces, driving, reading, and has no vision in the center of his visual field.

Thornton won’t let this stop him, however. He is currently on a solo trip through the wilderness of Estonia, exploring a 400-kilometer trail from Oandu to Ikla. The trip, named “Blind Not Broken,” began on June 3 and will take 3 weeks to complete. Along with a high-resolution camera and an iPad Pro as a viewfinder, Brian Thornton will document his journey through a YouTube channel to show his love of traveling, poetry, and photography.


Winner Gets to Clean Up!

The World Cup is underway and the chaos of the crowds is expected. One particularly heated match took place on Tuesday between Japan and Colombia, in which the Japanese team won 2-1. As one would expect, the Japanese crowd celebrated wildly. This was the team’s first victory against a South American team.

After the game ended, Japanese fans surprised everyone by cleaning up after their mess, with large garbage bags in hand. The crowd brought their own bags and went through the rows cleaning up messes, leaving the space just as clean as when they walked in.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. This clean-up is part of Japanese football culture. The act of kindness has spread, and fans of the Senegal team have been seen cleaning up their messes as well.


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Do You Think They Recycle in Space?

In last week’s round-up, I found the story of a man who was hoping to clean up the messes we have made in our oceans. This week, I’ve found one project that plans on going beyond our oceans and even beyond our planet!Consumer Resource Guide

A UK-based project plans to collect space junk that has been ejected by the International Space Station. The RemoveDebris satellite was released by the ISS on Wednesday. Armed with a net and a harpoon, the 100kg craft hopes to remove some of the 7,500 tons of space garbage floating around our planet, consisting of old rocket parts and broken fragments of spacecraft. These pieces pose a threat to other satellites, such as telecommunication satellites.

We all know keeping our planet clean is important, but who knows what could happen if our immediate planetary surroundings get filled with garbage as well?


Walk in the Footsteps of Elio and Oliver

If you loved Call Me by Your Name, the Oscar-winning drama, you will love this Italian tour. Quicky Tours is the first Italian company that specializes in LGBTQ-themes tours. The Call Me by Your Name tour will be an eight-night trip that visits some of the destinations featured in the film.

Stops include Milan, Crema, Lake Garda, Verona, Venice, and Bergamo where visitors will enjoy gay-friendly hotels, visiting LGBT communities, spas, wine tastings, and more.

The trip starts at $2,500 a person. This includes daily breakfasts, car rental, and guided tours. Guests also have the option to travel via high-speed rail instead of driving.


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Colombian Soccer Superstar Creates His Own Cryptocurrency

Every four years, everything the world is doing comes to a halt to enjoy one major event, the FIFA World Cup. While Americans might not be too familiar with the tournament (we didn’t even qualify this year), the rest of the world goes crazy.

It’s impossible to turn on the television or search for something online without seeing ads or someone commenting on the upcoming event. So it was only natural that someone would have the idea to marry the cryptocurrency craze with the World Cup phenomenon.

The blockchain platform SelfSell reported on Tuesday, May 22, its alliance with Colombian soccer player James Rodríguez about introducing a…

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Argentina Launches a Cryptocurrency Based on The Value of Wine

By far the best country right now in Latin America for cryptocurrency and blockchain is Argentina. While others on the continent struggle to move ahead in this area, Argentina is releasing a myriad of projects to introduce cryptocurrencies to the masses.

Just a couple of months ago, a bank in Argentina started accepting Bitcoin as a payment for cross-border transactions. This action will allow the transactions to be faster and more secure, generating greater capital and transparency.

Argentina has just made another…

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CoinMarket is More Popular than Walmart and Alibaba

In the most recent post of the Amazon world ranking of web pages, the cryptocurrency information site CoinMarketCap.com ranked as one of the most visited worldwide, surpassing websites like Alibaba and Walmart.

Alibaba and Walmart are some of the most successful companies in the world. Forbes has named Walmart as the most successful company for a number of years now. Alibaba is seen by many to soon conquer the American market the same way that Amazon has. Still, it seems that the popularity that cryptocurrencies are experiencing right now is resonating more with people.

CoinMarketCap now ranks 111th in the world list of…

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Becoming a Citizen Expat in Antigua

Why do so many expats choose the Caribbean when moving abroad?

While people move abroad for an infinite combination of reasons, there are a few main categories that make up the bulk of motivations. The first of these is climate. Unless you are being transferred to a new country for a job, chances are you are choosing a destination because you prefer some aesthetic quality about that location. This could be the warm weather, tropical culture, history, etc. The country offers you a setting that is more desirable than what you can find at home.

The second main reason people relocate abroad is for…

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European Second Passport Programs

Here’s what you need to know about the European second passport programs. If you’re looking to upgrade your passport, and you have the cash, these European second passport programs are where you want to look.

I should start by noting that there are two reasons to buy a second passport:

  1. Those from countries with weak passports want to…

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This article was published in the Escape Artist Weekly Newsletter on June 22, 2018. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, please click here.