Calming and Beautiful Aussie Tours for Elderly People

Lately, more and more people opt for an alternative vacation where they can spend a lot of their time being active and enjoying the nature around them. If you are all about being active while you’re on a holiday destination, but you are not really an adrenaline-rush seeker or you need to take it slow due to your health issues, well, then hiking tours are the ideal solution for you. Here are some calming and beautiful tour options where you will have a blast for sure!

South East Queensland for Starter Explorers

Choose Scenic Rim Trail to explore South East Queensland’s Main Range Park and enjoy the four-day tour exploring unique wildlife and vegetation in the south. Learn about rituals and traditions of indigenous inhabitants; listen to fascinating stories about the region as you walk through the ancient volcanic landscape. The best thing is that this part is not explored as much as it should be, so the experience is always specific and unique for every tourist. This tour is the perfect opportunity to see how the natural environment connects with the local people.

The Arkaba Walk for Knowledge Seekers

Explore South Australia’s ancient Flinders Ranges by taking on the challenge of the Arkaba walk. In this unique part of the country, you will be able to see the wide variety of wildlife, animals like kangaroos, emus, and wallaroos, and enjoy the spectacular scenery that surrounds you.

Calming and Beautiful Aussie Tours for Elderly People

Hiking through this terrain, you will learn more about the pioneers who settled in this part of the country, since the area reflects over 600 years of geological history. Camp under the magical starry skies and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature around you in this strangely beautiful part of the country.  

Quick Mount Kosciuszko Tour for Independent Adventurers

Choose a perfect summer hiking tour of Mount Kosciuszko, a 14km return walk that is complete in five hours or so. If you are planning a longer vacation, you can combine this short hiking tour with a longer one and create many new memories of your adventure. You will enjoy the rocky granite outcrops, glacially carved Lake Cootapatamba and wonderful scenery filled with wildflowers. The route is perfect for independent explorers because it is easy, but you can choose a guided walk.

Calming and Beautiful Aussie Tours for Elderly People


Cradle Mountain for Independent Walkers

Cradle Mountain in Tasmania is one of the best walking holiday tours in Australia. It offers two hiking options such as the Overland Track, a six-day tour where you can wander through magical ancient rainforests, surrounded by hidden waterfalls and magnificent lakes that is the motive for sensory pleasure. The track covers 65km and you can trek independently (as long as you book with the Parks & Wildlife Service or use guided-walk operators) that makes it perfect for all of you wanting a little privacy. Or you can take on the challenge of Cradle Mountain Huts and rest in the well-known eco-friendly lodges that are situated near the track but are tucked away from it.

Calming and Beautiful Aussie Tours for Elderly People

The Larapinta Trail for Experienced Walkers

The Larapinta Trail that covers 223km of beautiful bleak scenery, located in the West MacDonnell Range, Northern Consumer Resource GuideTerritory is a challenging 20-day trek, perfect for experienced walkers! The recommended time to take on this challenge is during cooler months (winter is the best time because of the more stable temperatures), but nevertheless, you will be mesmerized by the jaw-dropping scenery that’s worth all the effort. Taking on the challenge of the Larapinta Trail tour, you will have the chance to challenge yourself as you pass over remote ridges and canyons – and as a cherry on top, make wonderful memories and enjoy the stunning view from the top of Mount Sonder.

With this many options, it is really hard to choose just one hiking tour since they are all providing an unforgettable experience, a combination of mesmerizing views, stunning landscapes, beautiful autochthonous wildlife, and vegetation. Well, you should simply grab your bags and start exploring the magical hidden gems of this wonderful country, one by one. Choose the tempo that suits your age, the trek you want to explore, and give your body the chance for self-rejuvenation.

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