Blockchain Job Prospects in Malta

It seems like the blockchain community has acquired yet another stronghold in the form of the small Mediterranean island of Malta. Those in the know are already dubbing Malta as “the blockchain island” due to efforts made by the government to invest in and facilitate the development of blockchain technology on the island.

Of course, this is a smart move because blockchain technology is set to redefine the way in which human beings carry out almost all public and private sector transactions, from “Smart Contracts” to decentralized crypto financial markets. The great thing about blockchain technology is that it’s quick, safe, and it has the potential to create more efficient education and transportation systems.

The infrastructure and regulatory framework set up by the Maltese government will ensure a broader application of the blockchain technology beyond just cryptocurrencies. And this should attract some of the biggest names in the blockchain sector including Bitcoin, which is sure to translate into increased demand for professionals in this industry.  

So if you’re interested in taking part in the blockchain revolution currently taking place in Malta, read on to find out which job opportunities you should look out for.  

Blockchain Job Prospects in Malta

  • Accountants and Tax Advisors:

AccountantTax advisors and accountants will have lots of work to do in the blockchain space. This includes the establishment of regulations on the auditing and possibly taxation of decentralized blockchain applications such as cryptocurrency transactions, ICO’s and lots more.

  • Developers:

DeveloperTechies are going to be in high demand when blockchain technology hits fever pitch in Malta. There will be a lot of opportunities in the development space specifically, and you won’t necessarily have to be a coding specialist or a blockchain developer to access these opportunities either.

Thanks to blockchain projects like Neblio and Stratis, there will be plenty of openings for developers with a proficiency in regular programming languages like Java, Pytho, .Net and C++.

  • Analysts and Crypto Techies:

BlockchainAs crypto continues to evolve as a medium of exchange and overall financial instrument, there will be a lot of opportunities for self-taught traders and investors. In fact, it’s not too far-fetched to imagine that there will come a time when trading cryptocurrency will be as normal and lucrative for investors as regular Forex markets. So if you think you’ve got what it takes to understand the ins and outs of the crypto market, and have mastered them well enough to trade them for yourself and others, you’ll have plenty of work once blockchain technology is established in Malta.

  • Compliance and AML:

Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance will be critical to mitigating the risks associated with crypto market applications like ICOs, exchanges and airdrops etc. There will possibly be a coding aspect to the compliance sector as well, which opens it up to developers, in addition to lawyers and compliance sector professionals.

In fact, it’s safe to say that we’ll see a lot of new ‘hybrid’ job titles being created as a result of the unique safety precautions required by the blockchain sector.

  • Entrepreneur:

This one’s pretty obvious. There are probably plenty of entrepreneurs in Malta right now that are planning on capitalizing on the multifarious business opportunities presented by the introduction of blockchain technology on the island. If this sounds like you, just keep in mind that this is a very volatile market and it will take some time to mature, so patience is key.

  • Administrators:

Nothing can run smoothly in any industry without the efforts of efficient administrators and blockchain is no exception. When we say administrators, we’re referring to back-office admin staff, customer support and all the other roles that are essential to the operation of any organization.

  • Marketing and Communications:

A lot of groundwork needs to be done when it comes to raising public awareness about the possibilities of blockchain technology and to promote the full gamut of its potential. This is where salespersons and marketers who are experienced in the tech sector will come in handy, as their job will be to basically spread the word on social media and other marketing channels.  

  • Designers:Consumer Resource Guide

There will also be plenty of room for app designers to create useful and responsive solutions that make blockchain technology more accessible to the general public. This type of work will be suited to individuals who are well versed in all aspects of design, from human-centric to visual and systems designers as well.

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