Best Places to Eat in San Pedro on Any Budget

I have yet to have a meal in Ambergris Caye that I didn’t like. Experiencing the different food choices here has been my favorite part of the experience. Sometimes it’s hard to pick a place to eat because you’re not necessarily in the mood to spend a lot of money on a quick lunch, while other days you want to treat yourself to a nicer meal.

I’ve compiled a list of many of my favorite places to eat, according to the budget I’d like to stick to each day. I have by no means hit ALL of the best places, but you won’t be disappointed with my regular spots. All currency is written in Belizean dollar (BZD).

Neri’s Tacos ($)

I was introduced to this hole-in-the-wall restaurant last week by a coworker and was astonished at how such food can be so inexpensive. The simple little tacos served at Neri’s are made with fresh tortillas and filled with delicious meat sauce. For just $1, you can get three chicken or two pork tacos. The first time I went, I got excited and bought $4 worth and stuffed myself with 12 tacos.

Neri’s is the perfect destination for breakfast. It’s usually very busy. They also have fry jacks, empanadas, burritos, and more – all for very low prices!

Road Kill ($)

Best Places to Eat in San Pedro on Any Budget

When I arrived on the island, everyone told me I needed to try a Road Kill burger. You can imagine my surprise when I heard “road kill” and “need to try” in the same sentence. After actually trying it, I realized what people were talking about. Comparable to a Big Mac, Road Kill’s burgers really hit the spot.

Road Kill is a small bar just across the street from Crazy Canucks, and the food is great. Their Taco Tuesday is quite famous. Each taco costs $1, a bargain you don’t want to miss out on.

Crazy Canucks ($$)

Best Places to Eat in San Pedro on Any Budget

Crazy Canucks is my most frequented eating establishment. Just a short trip from the Grand Baymen Gardens, where I live, Canucks serves the best wings I think I’ve ever had. Their panini and coconut shrimp are also great.

Not only is the food good, the company and the weekly events make a trip to Crazy Canucks an experience. Live music, hermit crab races, and trivia are a blast.

Truck Stop ($$)

Best Places to Eat in San Pedro on Any Budget

One mile north of the bridge in San Pedro, Truck Stop is a food truck and beer garden with food for every palate. Located on the bay side, a pier overlooks the water with a variety of wonderful seating options. The bar offers pizza and wings, Latin American and Asian foods, ice cream, and a full bar. I’ve had the pizza and the egg noodles, and both were amazing.

Cornhole, table tennis, and oversized Jenga are a big hit. After dinner, have some drinks and compete with friends, new and old. Truck Stop also holds many weekly events such as movie nights and trivia. Do you just want to relax? Take your meal to the pier and picnic with friends and family at the tables or lie back in the hammock.

Wild Mango’s ($$)

Best Places to Eat in San Pedro on Any Budget

This beachside restaurant serves wonderful Caribbean and Latin foods. The reasonably priced menu offers a wide variety of food from tacos to fresh seafood. The friendly service and cool ambiance makes the meal even more enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed the tacos. I’ve also been told they make delicious ceviche. There are nine different kinds to choose from! The dining area is small so a reservation is recommended.

Sabine’s Corner ($$)

Best Places to Eat in San Pedro on Any Budget

I’ve written about Sabine’s before and I will gladly do it again. Austrian comfort food was not something that I thought would be a staple in my diet, but it is! Meatloaf, stuffed peppers, beef stroganoff, and the schnitzel are delicious. Every meal that I’ve had at Sabine’s has been more flavorful than the last.

Not only is the food amazing, Sabine is a wonderful woman to interact with. Her infectious smile lights up the room. She will make you feel right at home and you won’t leave hungry. Most nights I feel like I’ll have to roll myself home because I’m so satisfied.

Blue Water Grill ($$$)

Best Places to Eat in San Pedro on Any Budget

This higher-end restaurant is located right on the beach, just a short walk away from Wild Mango’s. The service is quick and friendly. The menu is filled with delicious and unique fusions of Latin American, Asian, and European cuisine. When I went, I ordered pork belly, which was served with wasabi mashed potatoes, an unusual combination of flavors that I was glad I tried.

Blue Water Grill is a popular destination, so I recommend calling ahead for dinner.