Best Hiking Trails in the World

One of best things about living abroad is having access to new and beautiful surroundings.  This is a particularly exciting promise if you’re an avid hiker and crave that next perfect trail.  No matter where you’re living or traveling, there is sure to be one of the world’s best hikes near you.

Laugavegurinn/Fimmvörðuháls Pass, Iceland

This trail offers lots of variety from waterfalls to woods to glaciers.  If you want to hike the full 50 miles, plan on a four-day excursion.  Of course, if you’re just looking for a day hike, the first seven miles has over 20 waterfalls, so you’re sure to enjoy yourself.  It’s also rumored that the Thórsmörk woods you’ll see here were J.R.R. Tolkien’s inspiration for Middle Earth in his book, The Lord of the Rings.

The Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker Historical Trail, South Sudan to Uganda

As the name implies, this trail was the route Sir Samuel Baker and Lady Florence took for their 1860’s expedition to Lake Albert, Uganda.  The trailhead is in Juba, Sudan and runs 360 miles along the coast of Lake Albert, where you’ll be able to see the 131 foot drop of the Murchison Falls.  All-in-all, there are 14 historic stops along the trail where you can retrace the Baker’s journey.

Urique-Batopilas Trail, Copper Canyon, Mexico

This trail is only 30 miles, but it will take you through breathtakingly carved sandstone canyon walls.  The trail connects two small Mexican villages, Urique and Batopilas, so if you complete the three-day course, you’ll have the chance to check out both of these unique towns.

Overland Track in Tasmania, Australia

Diversity, both ecologically and visually, is what you can expect from Overland Track.  This 40-mile trail traipses through the protected wild lands of Lake St. Clair National Park and includes steep climbs, alpine lakes, rainforests, and grasslands.  You should plan on six days to do the entire route.

Tour du Mont Blanc in France, Italy, and Switzerland

This famous trail runs 102 miles and can take anywhere from three days to 10 days to complete, depending on which route you use.  The trails detour around the Alp’s 15,000 foot peak and are spotted with small villages to explore along the entire length, so there’s no need for a tent if you prefer a roof over your head and a glass of wine at the end of the day.  The trail changes constantly, so prepare for both gentle meadows and stark peaks.