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Hello readers,             

We are looking at the year ahead and foresee the beginning of many journeys, whether it be a new destination, overcoming an obstacle, or opening up ourselves to new experiences. This week, I have found some news from around the world that may motivate you to begin your next journey.

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Let’s get into this week’s round-up!  


It’s Never Too Early For Beauty

The world-recognized Japanese cherry blossoms may be blooming earlier than expected this year, so make your plans now! Last week, the Japan Meteorological Corporation forecasted the blossoms blooming as early as mid-March in the Kochi Prefecture, reaching full bloom by March 25. Below is a list of other locations and their expected bloom dates:

Fukuoka: March 20-29

Nagoya and Tokyo: March 22- 29

Hiroshima: March 23- April 1

Cherry blossom bloom schedules depend on temperature patterns starting as early as fall of the previous year, because buds form in the summer and then remain dormant throughout the winter until they bloom in the spring.

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Back to Work

Working expats living in Saudi Arabia are happy to hear that the government has extended the one-year working visa to two years for no added fee.

In 2017, the Saudi government shortened the length of work visas issued to expats working in private sectors in order to increase employment amongst Saudi citizens, but this was lifted to “overcome obstacles and stimulate the private sectors,” according to the ministry.

With this change, all new work visas issued will now be a two-year visa. Also, for a short time, the change will cover visas issued in the past. Companies may also cancel old visas and issue new ones.


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Girl Power

A woman in India has begun a journey for womankind as she climbs a mountain once reserved for men.

In India’s Western Ghats sits Agasthyakoodam, the second highest peak in the Kerala state. It is 6,128 feet tall and, until November, was only allowed to be climbed by men. Local tribespeople prohibited women from climbing the mountain because there is a statue of a Hindu sage that is associated with celibacy.

During a court hearing late last year, the high court decided that there could not be restrictions on who could trek the mountain based on gender, after a women’s group petitioned the court.

To honor this ruling, Dhanya Sanal became the first woman to climb the mountain. The 38-year-old woman said that while she did face some protestors, no one tried stopping her, so she kept going.


Take a Swim!

A popular tourist destination is once again ready for visitors as economic conditions recover.

If swimming with jellyfish isn’t on your bucket list yet, it’s time to add it. In the islands of Palau, a landlocked lake is home to swarms of jellyfish, and it is ready to welcome visitors after a drought in 2016 that lowered the Consumer Resource Guidejellyfish population.

The Ongeim’l Tketau Jellyfish Lake is home to many harmless jellyfish. Divers from all over the world swim with the aquatic creatures without danger.

In 2016, a drought drastically lowered the jellyfish population which was once in the millions. The government has announced that after monitoring by the Coral Reef Research Foundation, the population is rebounding, ready again for guest swimmers.

To visit the lake, travelers will need a permit.


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