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Hello readers,

I am hoping this weekly round-up finds you in good health. Health is our topic of discussion today; not only physical health but also mental health. As an expat, you may find navigating the world of health to be a lot different than it is back home. It may not be as reliable in your new location. You may be confused by how the healthcare system works abroad, so it’s important to do your research before moving overseas.

This week, we’ll cover the importance of having international health insurance, how mental health plays a role in expat employees, and which country is changing the way they handle healthcare.

As an added bonus, can you guess which county is opening the world’s fastest roller coaster? Keep reading to find out.

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Raising the Bar for Expat Mental Health

Many lucky employees are asked to take their skills into a global marketplace and move abroad. Moving to a new country can be a life-changing and positive experience but entails a new culture, new ways of living, new rules, regulations, and sometimes even language. Adapting to all of this change can take a toll on a person’s mental health.

A study conducted in July of this year by The Health Insurance Group found that only 34% of employers have programs dedicated to providing mental health support to their expat employees. With these numbers, thousands of expats are left without the guidance they need to adapt healthily to their new lives, which means many can suffer far from the comfort of home.

This research has triggered employers with expat workers to reevaluate mental health support. The change calls for specific policies that are tailored to the needs of the employees.

Head of international for The Health Insurance Group had this to say:

“Today’s employees want to work for employers who take their well-being seriously. Forward-thinking organisations understand the importance of providing a complete package for staff which looks after both physical and mental health. This is even more important with overseas employees, given the additional stresses involved.”


Be Prepared

Your health should be at the forefront of your mind as you travel and become an ex pat. The healthcare system of your new home may not be as reliable or easy to navigate as you are used to. Additionally, when you are abroad, you never know what kind of accidents you could find yourself in or what kind of illness may be around the corner. 

With international health insurance, you can worry less.

If you are questioning why you would even need international health insurance, consider the following:
  • As an expat, you may not be eligible for a nation’s free healthcare.
  • The quality of healthcare caries from country to country.
  • Facilities may not be easily accessible.
  • If you are in a life-threatening situation, how much would emergency medical evacuation cost you?

International health insurance can remedy these issues. Policies can be formed to fit your needs and can vary in costs. Before taking the leap and exploring our beautiful world, consider your health and get covered.


Changing How India Sees Healthcare

When it comes to healthcare in India, many people are experiencing two different stories. Many enter a lavish hospital with chandeliers and Starbucks in the lobby of a hospital with autism and Alzheimer’s clinics, genetic testing, clinical trials, and more. Others are hoping to get treatment and are heartbroken when they are told they must go home and wait for a bed to be open.

Because of this inequality, one of the world’s largest healthcare overhauls is set to occur in India.

While India has some of the best medical hospitals in Asia, they are not all accessible and affordable for all. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, addressed this in his Independence Day speech on Wednesday. He believes that highly sought after medical services in the country should be accessible to everyone, not just everyone who can afford it or have medical insurance covered by their employer.

The overhaul is expected to be in place by the end of the year.


Adrenaline is Good for Your Health, Right?Consumer Resource Guide

For all of you ride warriors out there, Cedar Point’s Valravn will be losing its title as the longest, tallest, and fastest roller coaster in the world. Canada’s Wonderland theme park is set to open the Yukon Striker next year.

Riders will experience a 90-degree, 245-foot drop into an underground tunnel. The entire track is 3,625 feet long and also features a huge 360-degree loop. At its fastest, the coaster travels 80 miles per hour.
The Yukon Striker will be taking the accolades from the Valravn at Ohio’s Cedar Point, which stands at 223 feet tall and 3,415 feet long, hitting 75 miles per hour.

Would you ride the Yukon Striker?


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