6 Benefits of Shared Spaces for Travelers

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As technology is evolving, it is allowing many of us to work flexible hours from wherever we’d like. This has brought a spike in both travel and working from home. For those who love to travel and have decided to make this a new lifestyle, many are learning that as much as it’s a dream come true, there are some drawbacks. For example, this lifestyle can be very lonely. That’s where shared spaces come into play. You can generally find shared space living and shared space working in your country of choice, and there are several benefits for those who want to spend a lot of time visiting new places. Here are a few:

1. Co-living is Flexible

Co-living platforms offer shared living spaces all over the globe, and you can rent these types of spaces for a number of weeks or a number of months. Your choice! Depending on the platform you choose, you can get shared spaces with your own private bathroom, fully furnished bedroom, and even cleaning services. The space would have everything you need to feel right at home, but would be bigger than a typical house so that there’s room for a community and everyone has their own space.

2. You can Work without Hassle

If you’ve ever tried working from different places, you know how spotty the WiFi can be. You never know what to expect in the café around the corner or even in someone’s Airbnb – especially when you’re traveling abroad between different countries. Coworking spaces can be just as beneficial as co-living spaces in that you have access to a solid WiFi connection and a work space to suit your needs. Quiet and comfortable, without the hustle and bustle of a café or restaurant.


3. Enjoy a Sense of Community

As mentioned earlier, traveling abroad around the world while also managing a flexible working lifestyle can be a dream come true, but it can also get lonely. Shared space locations offer community rooms that can support large groups for gathering purposes. You can have events together, meetings, classes, etc. Everyone else will likely have one thing in common with you, which is that they are traveling and hoping to meet friendly new people along the way. Enjoy your day after you’ve finished work by participating in social activities with like-minded individuals!

4. Privacy and Comfort are still Important

When you think of shared living space, you probably imagine something like a dorm room, in which you’d have no privacy Consumer Resource Guideand comfort would be minimal. This isn’t the case at all! Choose a shared space that really suits you and your needs. You’ll find that there are plenty that offer you all of the privacy and comfort you need. You’ll find places that come fully furnished with king or queen-sized beds, full bathrooms to yourself, and even a quiet work space. Just because there is a community doesn’t mean you have to always take part in it. We all need our quiet time, after all.

5. Meet Potential Business Partners

The types of people you’ll meet in these communities are (probably) going to be similar to you. This means you can connect on a business level with many of them as well as a friendly/personal level. Oftentimes people who meet in these communities take advantage of an opportunity to network and trade business cards. Don’t underestimate the potential for finding new business along your travels. It’s not uncommon and you don’t even have to be out looking for sales. Sometimes, these things happen simply from getting out there and meeting someone new.

6. Organized Day Trips and Excursions are Offered

You simply can’t live an all-work-no-play life. If working was all you’d set out to do, then what would be the point in traveling, anyway? Many of the platforms that offer shared space arrangements also offer organized day trips and excursions. You can take part in surfing classes, visit local markets with your group, and tour the other wonders of the countries you’re visiting. This might be the best part of all!

Shared co-living and co-working spaces are ideally for those who want to travel on an inconsistent basis. Maybe you want to spend cold winters in warmer countries. Maybe you simply want a break from working from the same desk at home every day, and the general monotony that can come with that. Whatever your reason, shared coworking spaces abroad can help you stay comfortable and in-touch with new people and places, while also offering the flexibility you’d need.

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