5 Reasons Why Visiting Canada Should be on Your Bucket List

Canada is well known for a wide variety of different reasons. It has some of the most mind-blowing natural wonders on the planet. Vast mountain ranges, forests filled with wildlife, and glistening rivers and lakes all make for some of the most spectacular views in existence.

There are accommodating cities filled with beautiful architecture and world-class services, complemented by an education system rivalled by few other countries. Also, they recently announced the legalization of cannabis.

It’s no surprise then that Canada is one of the most attractive travel destinations for expats, particularly in Europe. The UK especially has shown a high interest in the country with the Google search term ‘move to Canada’ hitting record highs following the aftermath of Brexit. Canada currently has the third highest number of British expats residing in their country coming in just behind Australia and the USA in second place.

Below are some of the reasons laid out in more detail as to why traveling to Canada should be on your bucket list. You never know they might even convince you that moving to Canada is the next big decision you should be making.

It’s Ridiculously Safe

The international joke is that Canadians are far politer than needed and while the extent of this is often exaggerated, it’s unlikely you will ever visit a friendlier nation.

With a polite culture and one of the best healthcare systems in the world, ranked 30th by the World Health Organisation, Canada takes good care of its tourists and expatriates.

The only downside is that some of the wildlife you encounter might not be so friendly. Home to a variety of bears and wildcats, it’s encouraged to only explore with a guide and to take precautions when traveling in the wild. But, you’re still in Canada so they’ll probably still say thank you after they eat your friends.

Canada has Unrivaled Natural Beauty

Canada is stunning no matter where in the country you go to. From the Northern Lights in Yukon to the Niagara Falls and the iridescent waters of the Moraine Lake, there is a huge amount to see.

The true beauty of Canada is undoubtedly found in the huge diversity of its landscapes. Travel to Whistler and you can enjoy the opportunity to go skiing and partake in other winter sports on its snowy mountainsides, yet if you travel to Osoyoos you’ll be met with desert. Osoyoos isn’t any ordinary desert though, home to a huge ecosystem the Desert Centre there receives 10,000 visitors from around the world every year.

Every other guide on the internet talking about Canada will most likely mention the countries famous ‘Rocky Railroad’. A train ride that takes its passengers through the mountains and on a journey that reveals Canada’s natural beauty in an experience unrivaled by anything else in the world. Yeah, you can’t really talk about Canada without mentioning it at some point.

Canadian Wildlife

While this section probably should have been a part of the previous chapter, Canada has such an array of wildlife it deserved its own paragraph. It currently has 200 different species of mammal and 462 types of bird.

Canada is home to both the big and small, with Blue whales inhabiting its oceans growing to up to 27m in size and 132 tonnes. Then at the other end of the scale, you can find the calliope hummingbird which is almost invisible at just 2.5 g and 7cm.

Bison, wolves, polar bears and moose, no matter what you spot when you’re out exploring, you can rest assured there is a high chance it will be majestic.

Pioneers of Human Rights

The USA is often famed for having “freedom,” but their neighbor Canada blows them away. Ranked No.1 in the world for personal freedom by the Legatum Global Prosperity Index, the nation is well known for its progress towards complete equality.

As opposed to other countries where LGBT+ members might have to do extensive research into the country’s laws and culture, Canada is known for its acceptance.

Many view the country as a global defender of human rights and as a nation that seeks to eradicate prejudice.

The Amazing City Life

Toronto is the capital of Ontario, one of the 10 Canadian provinces, but not as many wrongly assume the capital of Canada. Toronto is widely considered to be the most multicultural city in the world with just under half of its population being born outside of Canada and is certainly one of the most well-known.

Despite being bigger than Chicago, the city is incredibly clean and well kept. After spending a long period of time there, you might even begin to forget what litter is.
But one of the best reasons to visit Toronto is that it’s every foodie’s idea of heaven. The vast array of different nationalities residing in the city means that the different selections of food available are incredible and seemingly unlimited. From street vendors to impressively run restaurants there is nowhere else in the world better to have an empty stomach.

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