5 Latin American Vacation Ideas for Your Family in 2018

Europe is usually where families are headed in the summer months. This is Europe’s busy season, after all. Not everyone can head out that far, though. So, what if you want to take a nice, relaxing vacation with the family while spending a little less time and/or money by staying a bit closer to home? Don’t rule out Latin American vacation destinations. There’s a reason why so many people choose to retire to Latin America when it’s all said and done. The culture and the slower way of life really sticks with you. Having said that, here are 5 great places to take your family on vacation this summer:

  1. Mexico
    Think Cancun or Cozumel. These destinations are popular, and that’s because they have a lot to offer vacationers. Lots of time in the sun, snorkeling, and water sports – and, of course, the relaxing beach vibes. What’s not to love?

    If the beach isn’t all you’re hoping to experience while on vacation (there are plenty of those back home, after all), don’t be quick to rule out Mexico. That’s not all that’s there. Like many Latin American countries, Mexico has a lot to offer the outdoorsman and explorer. For example, wildlife lovers can visit Cozumel just as much for the Faro Celerain Ecological Park as for the beach. You can relax on the beach there for sure, but you can also learn about wildlife with the family and relax in the hammocks. Take them to an interactive experience where they can be around rays and other species of aquatic life.

  2. Ecuador
    Ecuador is home to the exotic Galapagos Islands, which are famous for being home to all sorts of exotic wildlife, and for being the place where Charles Darwin came up with his theory of evolution. You can cruise around these islands with the family to take in the wildlife and learn all about the ecosystem. But, that’s not all Ecuador has to offer. You can also hike (or bike down) volcanoes, explore the Amazon jungle, take a dip in the hot springs and spend time on some gorgeous beaches.

    Ecuador is a great place for those who love to take in the outdoors. If you want to hike and explore the Amazon Jungle, and also have access to beautiful beaches and all of the amenities of a tourist town, Ecuador is the place for you.

  3. Peru
    If the part of Europe that appeals to you as a vacationer is the amount of history there is to explore, you can also find that in Peru. Peru is home to Machu Pichu and the ancient city of Cuzco. This city is located high in the Andes Mountains, and the Incan ruins are all around. The capital city of Lima is also a historic site, with its center preserved from colonial times.

    You can traipse the rainforests and visit the beaches in Peru as well. It has a little bit of something for everyone, to include any history buffs that may be traveling with the family. If you go to the beaches, you can choose between Lima and Mancora, depending on whether you want to be right in the city.

  4. Belize
    This small country packs a large punch in the world of tourism. If you find island life appealing, this is the place to go. Visit Ambergris Caye for a resort experience from which you are only a short distance away from some of the best snorkeling in the world. It’s also only a short boat ride away to visit ancient Mayan ruins and temples, located deep in the rainforests of the mainland. Even better, the national language is English, which means that you can visit without having to speak another language – lending this vacation spot a leg up on Europe.

  5. Uruguay
    If you’re looking for a quiet experience involving untouched white beaches, and gorgeous Spanish architecture with a European feel, Uruguay is waiting just south of the United States. Quiet, and known for having more cows than people, Uruguay offers a truly relaxing experience. You’ll feel like you’re in old world Spain but without the $1,300 plane ticket. Uruguay only costs about $900 to fly to, and most accommodations are only about $50 per night. It can’t get much better than that for such an experience.

Of course, if you want to fight the crowds and hours-long lines to get to Europe, that’s completely understandable. Just remember to keep Latin America on your bucket list.

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