5 Amazing Things You Should Know About Madrid’s Nightlife

The capital of Spain may not have that innovative flair like London, Paris, or Berlin, but you can certainly tell that its citizens are dedicated to celebrating life and enjoying the nightlife to the fullest.

Madrid has it all! From the laid-back atmosphere of the Barrio de La Latina to the top-notch glamor of Salamanca, which is famous for fine-dining restaurants and designer boutiques. Local Madrileños are proud of the fact that their city never sleeps. You can go out partying here until the end of the third shift literally every day of the week – and on the way back, you can always manage to treat yourself with a decent breakfast before you hit the bed.

If you are planning on experiencing Madrid’s nightlife firsthand, here are some amazing facts that will thoroughly prepare you for what is to come, no matter the preference, budget, or heel size.

Nocturnal Activities

Being a city that never sleeps is not an overstatement in Madrid’s case. You will even see children with their grandparents playing in public areas and parks as late as 1 AM. However, its 3 million inhabitants have these near-mandatory siestas after lunch or work and it goes on late. People here love to rest before taking on the night because this is not a destination where you sip warm cocoa in your slippers during evening hours. Madrileños are just getting started and it takes a lot of energy to keep up with their nocturnal tempo. This is also one of the reasons why Madrid is a perfect stag do holiday destination because fellas can indulge their appetites and still look like they are not the only ones having the time of their life.

Give Up Planning

People here are not that concerned with where and when to meet. The laid-back hustle and bustle never stop so it’s best to give up any notion of actually planning the evening. Focus more on spontaneity instead. With Madrileños, it is all about going with the flow and enjoying the ride. And what you wear doesn’t particularly matter in this diverse nighttime scene, either. Don’t be surprised if you see a posh individual (usually referred to as pijos) rubbing shoulders with someone in a plain T-shirt and casual sneakers to match.

The Tapas Bars

If you want to absorb the local atmosphere, visit the area of Plaza de Santa Ana, La Latina, and Malasaña, to name a few. These districts are always hyped, active, and perfect for enjoying cold beers (or cañas), especially when the sun sets. Bear in mind, though, that the tapas bars are usually small and fairly overcrowded so you probably won’t be able to find a table during your visit. Feeling hungry and festive at the same time? El Lacón, for instance, is a perfect traditional-style tavern (with ample seating) to enjoy generous portions of free dishes with every ordered round of beer. However, if you are more into a modern ambiance, flock to Lateral restaurants located all over Madrid to wine and dine in style.

Enjoy Some Copas

When the after-work siestas are finished, 10 PM is the earliest hour locals venture out to eat dinner – and most restaurants are prepared for that public habit. The evening meal is usually the time to enjoy some copas or cocktails. Keeping up with the ever-changing drinking trends in Madrid can pose a challenge, but of all the combinations on the cocktail list, Madrileños are obsessed with your good old gin and tonic mix. There are even tours and tastings dedicated to this classic cocktail, such as one organized in the Bristol Bar, which features over 120 British-inspired varieties of gin. However, if you want to revel in an ultra-chic ambiance, Ramses restaurant and bar or the iconic Museo Chicote are just perfect for interior design lovers.

The Sheer Volume of Venues

When bars close, that is a sign that the party has officially started. Most nightclubs open at midnight but crowds usually start to flock at around 1:30 AM so they can get things fired up at 4:00 AM. There are clubs in Madrid to suit every taste and preference, so it is impossible to determine which one is the best. The unyielding collective energy is what fuels Madrid’s legendary nightlife status. Madrileños believe that the festive spirit lies in the people, not the location – so it is no wonder why there is such a sheer volume of venues scattered all over the city premises. No matter where you find yourself in Madrid, there is always a fiesta going on.

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