10 Tips for a Great Holiday in the Maldives

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are a true paradise with a unique geography. Comprised of 26 natural atolls consisting of dual island chains, this nation offers its visitors a tropical climate that’s surprisingly comfortable and easy to get used to. Its flora and fauna are among the most varied, unique, and beautiful in the world. It includes spectacular underwater scenery that features over 2,000 species of colorful fish.

As you may have realized, the Maldives are the perfect location for a luxurious holiday away from everything else. It is amazingly easy to have a good time in the wonderfully warm islands. However, there are a few tips that can make it an even better experience.

Arrive by Seaplane or Luxury Cruise

Traveling to the Maldives is easy, as there are several international flights, both chartered and scheduled, that arrive at the Hulhule airport. From there, you will probably have to travel to another island by seaplane. If this is the case, be aware that they can only operate during daylight hours. Your other option would be to arrive by cruise. It’s needless to say that if you choose cruising as a main type of transportation, you’ll have numerous benefits.

A Diver’s Paradise

The Maldives are one of the preferred destinations for divers all over the world. Harboring a huge amount of marine life, the psychedelic-looking corals are among the most appreciated in the world. The nutrient-rich water in this magical place is warm and transparent, allowing for long periods of diving with perfect visibility. Try finding dives along the biggest reefs in the area – they are home to some of the biggest and most beautiful coral colonies on the planet. 

Try the Local Food

10 Tips for a Great Holiday in the Maldives

While most things in the Maldives are imported, there’s an abundance of local fish (mainly tuna) and coconuts. Not only are they delicious, but also much more affordable than imported food, making them very convenient if you want to stretch your dollars as much as possible. The Maldivian cuisine is quite diverse. It features Arabic, Indian, and Oriental influences. The most popular fish-based dishes are called Garudhiya, Mashuni, Fihunu Mas.

Consider the Liveaboard

A great alternative to resorts and hotels is renting a liveaboard. Offering a relaxing taste of life in the ocean, these small cruise boats are surprisingly comfortable for things like eating and sleeping. While renting a liveaboard is usually sought by divers and snorkelers, people who just want to relax will enjoy it as well. Whenever you feel like it, liveaboards offer the possibility of raising anchor and going for an adventurous sail around the coastline. 

Plan Ahead

No one could ever say a vibrant paradise like the Maldives is a boring place. If anything, there are too many amazing things to do in these islands, but not enough time. That is why it’s highly recommended to design a basic plan consisting of places to visit and activities to do during your stay. Browse through guides before arriving, making notes of the places you’d like to visit and marking them on a map.

Check Out Other Islands

Maldives consists of various small islands that form a chain. They are all beautiful and you will love whichever one you choose. However, there’s always the possibility of renting a small boat and going for a mini-trip to any other island. While they’re all very similar, each one has its own charms and beauties, so try not to miss them. If you choose to arrive by cruise, this will be included in the package, and you’ll have the chance to spent a little time on every island and explore their sandy beaches and fabulous surroundings.

Go Out for a Stroll

10 Tips for a Great Holiday in the Maldives

With so many pleasurable and exciting activities around the coastline, it can be easy to forget about going into the city. However, the Maldives are home to various lovely towns, the biggest of which is called Malé, which offers plenty of fun activities for tourists. You could visit the local markets, various amazing monuments like the Tsunami Monument, or visit museums and local landmarks.  

Don’t Neglect the Maldivian Culture

People traveling to the Maldives should be aware that the country is a Muslim nation. Even though some of the rules don’t apply in the resorts, when traveling to cities you should know that alcohol, drugs, and pork are forbidden. You should also keep in mind that Maldivians are known for extreme religious intolerance, so it’s best not to flash religious idols and text, at least not in the urban areas. Another interesting fact about the Maldivian culture is that, unlike what happens in most countries, the weekend in this country is on Friday and Saturday. 

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Although most days in the Maldives are impossibly sunny and mild, there are occasional rains and storms capable of keeping everybody indoors. The main thing to understand is that, in the Maldives, there are two seasons: dry and wet. During the dry season, the weather is almost sure to be all blue skies and sunshine. During the wet season, however, there’s often torrential rain. Even though there are sunny days during this season, thunderstorms, strong winds, and big waves are to be expected. Be sure to find out when these seasons begin and end, and don’t forget to check out a couple of weather reports.

Forget About Everything Else

Traveling to the Maldives is the perfect occasion to leave your problems behind for a few relaxing days. Besides having fun, you can use this time in paradise to exercise, meditate, and clean your emotional palette. You can also use this calming setting to reflect upon your past and set your intentions for the future.

It’s difficult to tell who will love it more, be it people who love adventure or those who love leisure. Whoever it is, hopefully, this information will help them make the most out of their time in paradise. 

Author Bio

Dana Riddle is a professional writer and travel photography enthusiast. Her goal is to visit all 195 countries and fully understand their culture and beauty. She started to travel 3 years ago and has already managed to visit 53 countries.