10 Things to Do in Prague at Night

How’s the nightlife in Prague? What are the things to do in Prague at night? If you’ve already seen those cobblestone streets, tried Europe’s best beer, and the sun is down, it’s time to hit the streets again to check out Prague’s hidden bars, night markets, and ‘relax’ clubs. Here are 10 things you can do in Prague at night.

1. Go in Search of Ghosts

If you don’t know, Prague has some spooky stories to tell. Many local tour operators provide guided vampire and ghost tours in Prague. They will tell you about the myths and spine-chilling incidents that took place in the past. These tours can take you to some of the most mysterious places in Prague where you will walk in silent alleys and learn about the ghosts, witches, and vampires that haunt the area.

10 Things to Do in Prague at Night2. Adult Entertainment

Adult entertainment in Prague is not so difficult to find. The presence of strip clubs, quasi-legal brothels, and amazing massage parlors are one of the best things to do in Prague at night and these places are also a reason why so many young people visit Prague. If you’re looking for an entertaining evening in Prague then you should visit Goldfingers club. They organize daily shows for the adult audience and you can even book a lap dance, table dance, private lesbian show, and whatnot (wink).

10 Things to Do in Prague at Night3. Visit Prague Zoo

Prague is not just about history, beer, and fun parties, if you’re an adventure seeker, Prague Zoo has got your back with their evening and night tours. The zoo organizes adventure tours and some of their tours are dedicated to children. So if you’re traveling with kids, don’t miss attending special shows on weekends.

10 Things to Do in Prague at Night4. Where Music and Locals Meet

There are many music clubs located in different areas of Prague. If you have taken a hotel room near Andel, you can find many music clubs in nearby places. Locals often visit this place during the weekends. So if you want to meet locals or want to make some friends in Prague, Andel is the place where you can spend an evening. Hotels in Andel are also not too expensive. You can easily find a budget hotel in this neighborhood. And when you are there, don’t miss visiting the banks of Vltava river. It’s beautiful and it is the longest river in the Czech Republic.

5. Dinner Cruise

Have dinner and cruise along the beautiful river Vltava. As we have already mentioned what makes this river so special, cruising along the river gives you a rare chance of capturing the beauty of Prague city. You can also capture some breathtaking views of the Vltava river. You can see swans floating on the water and birds flying. A cruise dinner in Prague makes this experience unforgettable as you enjoy local dishes while sailing.

10 Things to Do in Prague at Night6. Visit the Royal Theatre

Royal is a theatre where you can spend time watching performances by famous artists. The theatre organizes theme-based shows that include the cultural performance of artists from around the world. The best thing about this place is that everything, including drinks and food, is reasonably priced so you won’t feel like you are being taken advantage of as a tourist.

10 Things to Do in Prague at Night7. Eat like a Local at Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square in Prague is the place where history meets the modern day life. Reach there at midnight, get something to eat, hold a mug of beer in hand and celebrate anything you’re happy about. Some people come here to try local food, some prefer learning more about the historic events that took place here and some are more interested in shopping from foreign stores. The area is full of fast food stores, souvenirs stores, and department stores.

10 Things to Do in Prague at Night8. Visit Prague Castle at Night

Even if you’ve visited Prague Castle during the daytime, a night tour can bring you the most romantic relaxation. A night walk through the Prague Castle complex will give you a rare chance of seeing the Castle without the crowds. When you’re there, see if you could visit Novy Svet. It is a hidden gem which is a beautiful place often overlooked by tourists. It’s also a nice place for taking pictures with tiny houses and a beautiful road.

10 Things to Do in Prague at Night9. Pubs and Bars

Go out and indulge in a party at any of the city’s dynamic bars and pubs. Prague is famous for beer and if you’re there at night, make sure visiting a pub. There are chances that you will make some good friends and meet new people. Have some drinks and enjoy the parties till morning. Start your evening with a welcome shot at any bar in Old Town and then visit some other places nearby. There are many shops and fast food store available in that area.

10 Things to Do in Prague at Night10. Walk Aimlessly

A walk in the night is the best way to experience nightlife in Prague. The best area to explore on foot is the Old Town and if you’re on the opposite side of the river from the Castle, explore the New Town. Dlouha Street is the place where you can turn the party mode on. It is less crowded and it is not the place where you’ll see many bars, but a few nice restaurants and the famous music club are located there.

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