10 Signs You’re Ready to Retire Abroad

First comes tackling the whole question of, “Am I ready to retire?” After that, it’s…”Where to?” Have you thought about retiring abroad? What would make you choose Panama over Florida? If you aren’t quite sure yet whether you’re ready for such a drastic move as retiring overseas, here are some signs to help you know if it’s time.

  1. You have solid reasons for why you want to make this move abroad.
    Before you decide that you want to retire overseas, you have to have reasons for why you’d like to retire overseas. What is it about your current country that you’d like to leave behind? Or, is it more a matter of what you’d like to enjoy elsewhere? You’ve spent some time thinking about your reasons and realized that they are strong enough for you to want to pack your bags.
  2. You can’t stop thinking about your destination spot.
    Maybe you vacation there regularly, or maybe you visited once and never wanted to leave. Whatever it is, you just can’t get it out of your head! This doesn’t mean you should hop on a plane right away, but it does mean you might be ready to start exploring your options abroad.
  3. You’re always curious about others who’ve already made such a bold move.
    You find yourself asking them any question that comes to mind. What’s life in a new country like? Does it feel like a constant beach vacation? How much fun are you having? Am I missing out? You know the questions. If they’re plaguing you, you might be ready for the move abroad.
  4. You’re not making long-term plans where you live now.
    Deep down, you know you want to move away. This is keeping you from making any long-term decisions, like buying property or starting a new job. If you can feel yourself hesitating in such scenarios, your heart’s probably already settled on an international lifestyle.
  5. You’re so tired of this weather!
    This may sound like an insignificant point, but if you hate the weather in your current location, you know the struggle. I’m talking about dreading winter every year (that’s more than three months out of your entire year!) and seeing it as a time to stay cooped up in your house when you could be living it up somewhere warm all year-round. I’m also talking about those who can’t handle the harsh heat of summer and suffer the same circumstances when it’s too humid out. If you’re imagining how much happier you’d be without this seasonal dread, this might be a sign that you’re ready to take the plunge and move or retire abroad.

  6. You haven’t lived anywhere else.
    This is a very important point. You should live in more than one place during your lifetime, just for the experience! Sure, it will mean the adjustment period could be a little harder, but the overall experience will be that much more rewarding. The point is, you know you need to satiate your curiosity with a big, exciting move.
  7. You complain about your current city…all the time.
    Let’s be honest – if you’re really content with your current state of affairs, you’re not going to constantly complain and feel frustrated or jaded by it. We all feel a little tired of our cities or homes every once in awhile, but sometimes enough is enough.
  8. You need a change.
    Maybe you’re not feeling fulfilled. You are bored with the everyday hustle and bustle of the city, or maybe you are bored with the quiet suburb or town you live in. Either way, some of us can’t fight the need to make a change…and we shouldn’t have to!Consumer Resource Guide
  9. You’ve been talking about moving for a while.
    Maybe you think you’re just entertaining the idea, or maybe you’ve just changed your mind a few times. Either way, thinking about retiring abroad often is usually a sign that you’re more than likely going to move. It’s just a matter of when.
  10. You have a dream location.
    You’ve always wanted to visit this city or that one, or this country or that one. Maybe you’ve been visiting and you always dream of being back in that place. This is a pretty good indicator that you’re headed in that direction.

When you finally decide to make your decision to retire abroad, you’re more than likely going to wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. If these signs ring true for you, it might be time to start up on your research and your planning!