Escape Artist Conference 2018: Dallas, TX

2018/12/01 00:00:01
  • DATE

    December 1-2, 2018


    Dallas, Texas


    MCM Elegante Hotel
    2330 W Northwest Hwy
    Dallas, TX 75220



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Learn the Secrets to Successful Overseas Living!

Are you considering taking your life abroad?

Is the idea of becoming a citizen of the world attractive to you?

Can you see the excitement of living overseas?

Sure, but taking the leap towards international living can seem daunting. There’s culture shock of course, but also travel expenses, different costs of living, and trying to find standard equivalents for all your comforts of home in a new country. How can you avoid getting caught in the status quo? How can you succeed in moving ahead?

Expert Insight and Trick of the Trade

The difference between success and failure as an expat (or not even trying in the first place) lies in the details. At Escape Artist’s first ever stateside conference you’ll learn insider information from experts in the field. With decades of experience in international living, investing overseas, and personal expat experience, our featured speakers will pass along all the secrets to make your move abroad a success.

When it comes to moving overseas, through years of trial and error, and actual experience, they’ve learned the hard way…and they’re ready to share their tips, secrets, and insights with you, so you don’t have to! Step behind the curtain and find out what it truly takes to become an Escape Artist.

Highlights include:

  • Joel Nagel will share the 3 Best-Kept Secrets for protecting your global assets in 2018!
  • Peter Zipper will tell you what the internet won’t about International Banking!
  • Michael Cobb will explain the Must-Ask Due Diligence Questions when investing in real estate overseas!
  • Rachel Jensen will explain the 5 Ways to Overcome Culture Shock in your new home.
  • Christian Reeves will open your eyes to tax tips and structures designed to maximize your advantage when you go overseas.  
  • Dan Wilhelm will share insider hacks gleaned and condensed from thousands of Escape Artist subscribers over 20+ years of the website’s history.
  • Other top experts from the fields of currency, precious metals, and offshore tax accounting will be present to answer your most probing questions first hand.   

In the end, here’s what you’ll walk away knowing.   How you can choose the best location for you.   What is the necessary paperwork to obtain a residency in my chosen country?  What are the best services for seamlessly moving your life abroad? How will I stay compliant with US Laws while living and banking overseas?   All of this and much, much more will be answered at the Escape Artist Conference 2018, the premier expat conference for you, by you!

The conference will span two very full days and provide you with all of the answers to the questions that you asked us! During your time in Dallas, you will be able to meet the Escape Artist team, discuss your questions, sit in on expat panels, and meet other individuals looking to learn more about living abroad.

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For those who want even more out of the event, we are offering VIP registration! WIth VIP registration, you will recieve front row seating for the speakers, access to the VIP Cocktail session on Saturday evening, and first opportunity to reserve a One-on-One meeting on Monday morning.

Each speaker has limited, 30-minute sessions to meet with attendees and you don’t want to miss your opportunity for a free consultation!

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“If you have any questions about the conference or would like to see a copy of the agenda, please message us below!”

Your Featured MC


Daniel Wilhelm

Featured Speakers

Joel Nagel

Joel Nagel


Joel is an international lawyer and entrepreneur focusing his practice in the area of asset protection, cross-border transactions, and global investment. He speaks all over the world on the topics of asset protection, global banking and investment, and international legal compliance.

Michael Cobb

Michael Cobb


At the height of a successful career in the computer industry, Michael left to pursue more pioneering opportunities in the emerging real estate markets of Central America. In 1996, he and his business partner formed a company, Exotic Caye International, to provide loans to North Americans purchasing properties in Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica and throughout the region.

Rachel Jensen

Rachel Jensen


Rachel Jensen joined the ECI Development team in 2012, starting as the organization’s intern at the administrative offices in Managua, Nicaragua. At the end of her 3-month internship period, she had to make a tough decision between accepting a position with the ECI Development team, or chasing her dreams in Panama with the US Peace Corps. She chose ECI Development.

David Drummond

David J.Drummond


A resident of Belize since 2008, Dave is currently working towards citizenship in Belize. From banking and asset protection, to residency and alternative investments, Dave utilizes his experience to help others streamline their initiatives. Dave brings strong organizational, management, customer service, and business skills to Georgetown Trust. This real world experience and a thorough knowledge of financial services, investment products, offshore structures and retirement vehicles, gives Dave the practical knowledge and experience to help like-minded individuals navigate unfamiliar waters to set anchor in their personal safe harbor.

Christian Reeves


Christian Reeves has been helping Americans diversify abroad for more than a decade. He is one of the few experts in international taxation for average Americans living or investing abroad and entrepreneurs in need of tax and business planning for offshore companies. Mr. Reeves is a major force behind the offshore IRA LLC industry and the creator of the U.S. compliant Panama Foundation IRA. His articles are frequently cited as authority by respected journals.

Peter Zipper

Peter Zipper


Since 2006 Mr. Zipper has been President of Caye International Bank in Belize. He has over 30 years of International Banking experience. He graduated from the Geographic Institute in Vienna, Austria, with a degree in Geography and Cartography. During his career he lived and worked in the Americas, Europe and Asia where he held leading positions with multinational financial institutions. He is a sought after speaker and commentator covering international geopolitical and financial issues. Over the years he has lectured at thousands of events and radio and television shows in both English and German.


Maurice ``Morey`` Glazer


Maurice M. Glazer has been a financial advisor for over 40 years. He is responsible for the overall operation of the businesses for 30 full-time professional and support staff. He works with his son, President and Chief Operating Officer David Glazer, and other Officers and Staff to ensure confidence and profit of the companies: Glazer Financial Network, Glazer & Associates, The Pension Specialists, Inc., The Glazer Group, Doctors Resource Service, Glazer Capital Management, LLC, and Glazer Property and Casualty.

He is public media liaison for the companies and has been a featured speaker at medical associations in Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma and hospital organizations throughout the U.S., including Baylor and Methodist, covering topics on Qualified Plans and on Creating Your Net Worth. Mr. Glazer has written many articles and publications and has appeared on Syndicated TV and many local broadcasts.

Rich Checkan

Rich Checkan


As the President and COO of Asset Strategies International, Rich has knowledge of every facet of ASI’s operations. He has been an integral part of ASI’s maturation from a precious metals and foreign exchange dealer to a full service tangible and rare tangible asset provider—to include rare U.S., world, and ancient coins. Rich oversees the operations, administrative, sales, and marketing departments, as well as serving as ASI’s Compliance Officer. Rich is a regular contributor to ASI’s own monthly newsletter, Information Line. He is also a regular writer for ASI’s news alert, Always Something Interesting, which is published each week. When Rich isn’t in the office, he is speaking at a conference or leading a workshop at a seminar. He has spoken at numerous conferences and seminars worldwide and had been quoted in myriad financial newsletters as well as the New York Times.

Brian June

Brian June


Brian is an Author, Adventurer & Serial Entrepreneur. For more than 40 years, he’s been a student of humanity, markets, & empires. He’s a principal of two crypto OTC trading firms (iBuyTezos and The Coin Trading Company) and loves to explore life and the planet with his wife Val.

What to Expect

Meeting the Team

One of the most important reasons for bringing this conference to you is to foster relationships between the Escape Artist team and our dedicated readers. There is no better way to truly understand what our readers are looking for in a life abroad than by getting to know you in person. Come to Dallas and you’ll be able to put faces with the names of the True Expats, writers, and international living specialists that make up the Escape Artist family.

Expat Panels

The best way to decide if living overseas is right for you, or to determine what kind of atmosphere is the best fit for your life abroad, is to hear from those who have done it before. A main focus of the conference will be to hear first-person testimonials about what it’s like to move to a new country. We have selected a group of expats to sit on panels and share their experiences and discuss the joys and struggles of living abroad that you won’t read about in guidebooks. We’ll then break off into smaller groups for in-depth discussion about the topics of interest that the attendees like you have chosen.

Q & A

A portion of this year’s conference will be dedicated to answering your questions directly. We want to hear from you! Questions, comments, concerns, and even personal stories – we’ll make sure there’s plenty of time budgeted to hear from the past, present, and future expats in attendance that make up our global community.  Send me your questions now.   Let me know what answers you’d like to take home with you.


When we talk about the global community, that’s exactly what we mean. Community is one of the most important aspects of living internationally. But how do we find others like ourselves who want to live and invest abroad?   At our Dallas conference, you’ll be able to socialize and meet other like-minded people who have either been living the expat lifestyle or are considering taking the plunge. This type of interaction is truly invaluable letting you build real, long-term connections and valuable contacts. You’ll be able to discuss pros and cons, motivations and trepidations, and get a sense of the locations that your peers are considering as offshore landing spots.

Areas of Interest

Based on your input over the last year, we’ve compiled a list of the topics that will be covered at this year’s inaugural Escape Artist Conference. Focus areas include:

  • Overseas banking and offshore laws
  • Investment options abroad
  • Reporting requirements from your home country
  • Keeping your finances intact
  • Expatriating as a retiree
  • Global residency and citizenship options
  • Healthcare options as an expat
  • Real estate and property investment
  • Taxes and Compliance
  • Working overseas and work permit regulations
  • Living in expat communities
  • Planning your move
  • What it’s like to live abroad
  • Relocating for less

You’re not alone in your desire to live abroad. Hear from the experts who have done it and learn from their mistakes along the way. Use our insider knowledge to make your transition overseas as seamless and pleasurable as possible!

Date: December 1-2, 2018

Location: Dallas, Texas

Venue: MCM Elegante Hotel 2330 W Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX 75220

Price: $499