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English & I Co., Ltd.

The English & I curriculum has been written with over 15 years of experience in Thailand. Thailand has a very competitive market for English as a foreign language. We have worked over the years with many students and have provided courses to schools in Thailand. Many of our learners have passed the Cambridge Young Learners Exams at all three levels (Starters, Movers, Flyers). All of our teachers are managed by experienced staff and gain comprehensive and ongoing training in the use of professionally-developed teaching materials and procedures. 

Our approach promotes enjoyment and encourages the students to participate. We use a combination of the communicative approach, task based learning and total physical response methods in order to get the language across and provide ample opportunities for participation.

The children get to interact with native speakers through verbal and physical participation and the lessons are interesting and relevant to their age and language needs. Our aim is to get the students excited about learning English and get them learning without them even realising.

Here at E&I we offer constant support for our teachers which ensures a high level of quality. In order to do this we provide our teachers with carefully graded courses that have been written by experienced course writers in Thailand, along with flashcards, activity sheets, worksheets and specifically created games.
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