The Ultimate List of Travel Fund Raising Ideas

Many of you love to travel within India or abroad and explore various beautiful locations and learn about different cultures. But travel prices aren’t cheap these days. So the best way is to begin a fundraising campaign where you can ask your family members, friends, colleagues, and other peers to donate some money for your travels. Within weeks, you can have enough money to fund your trip. Take a look at the discounted trip offers on CouponsMonk.

Advantages of applying fundraising to raise money for your trip include: low fees; risk-free; fast and simple; instant results; personalized touch; deep social integration via Facebook, Twitter, and email; and superb customer service.

Excellent Practices for Your Trip-Related Fundraising Campaign

  • Share visuals: Your well-wishers and supporters are eager to know more about the locations you’re traveling to. While setting your fundraising campaign, make sure to upload several images and videos of your destinations so that your donors can have an idea of what they are donating to.
  • Convey your story: Whether you are going on a holiday to Europe or touring on a mission trip to Australia, people would like to know your story. You can describe your trip and why they should add money to your campaign.
  • Get social: You should often share the link of your fundraising campaign on your Facebook and Twitter profiles and via email to increase chances of reaching your target before leaving for a trip.
  • Share updates: From the beginning of your campaign until it ends, you should keep your supporters updated often. They will be thrilled to help you reach your fundraising goal. On your end, you need to praise their efforts through kind words and your travel photos.

A Few Brilliant Ideas for Trips and How to Fundraise for Them:

  • Adventure experiences: If you are an adventure seeker and want to go hiking in India or anywhere else in the world, there is always a rush of adrenaline to be had – however, these can be expensive, so fundraising is crucial.
  • Mission trips: If your friend are making plans for an overseas mission trip, fundraising is a great way to gain support.
  • Airfare and travel expenses: Whether you are planning to travel by train, plane, bus, automobile, speed boat, or any other kind of transportation, traveling is not cheap. Select a fundraising campaign to raise money for your trip.
  • Honeymoons: If you and your partner are planning for a luxurious honeymoon at an exotic location, then the fundraising option would be a great benefit. After the wedding, the couple can keep their supporters updated with some lovely photos of amazing locations they have visited.
  • Study abroad trips: Those students who get selected for study abroad trips are aware that they need money for flight tickets. A fundraising campaign can come to the rescue.
  • Luggage tag fundraiser: Selling custom luggage tags is an easy and fun way to raie money for your travels. You choose to generate your own luggage tags or buy them from any wholesaler provider. Whatever you choose, make sure that people have distinct designs to select from.
  • Have a photo sale: Being an adventurous traveler, you must have gathered a huge collection of unique photographs from travel abroad experiences. You can select a few of your favorite photos, print them on a polished photo paper, and sell them around your community for your upcoming trip.
  • Host a spa day: You can arrange a day for a relaxing spa treatment and raise funds that way. A spa day can be a great fundraising idea for vacations, mission trips, and other kinds of travel expenses. You can hire a few spa volunteers who can help with manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, etc. You can charge fees from the visitors per spa service, plus provide them with food and drinks for an extra fee.Consumer Resource Guide


FundMyTravel is a fundraising website that helps in donations for trips and adventures.  Whether it is a simple adventure, overseas trip, school trip, or mission trip, it is very easy to raise money online with FundMyTravel.

Whether you need tips on shooting and uploading travel fundraising photos, writing travel descriptions and updates, or sharing your fundraiser with your family and friends, we’re here to support you. Don’t hesitate to follow your travel dreams with the help of a fundraising campaign. Also, share your experiences with us through comments below about your travel trips! We would be pleased to hear your interesting stories.

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