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Another week is in the books, and we have a fresh slate of news and articles to send your way. The international landscape is always changing and forcing us to be open-minded, and it is this constant state of learning and growing that makes living a global life so fulfilling. There is an unending supply of stories to make us laugh, cry, motivated to make a positive change, or realize how truly similar we all are.

Today, we’ve compiled a few snippets of interesting news from around the world that spans the entire spectrum between funny, informational, and sincere. We hope your new year is off to a great start and your travel plans are running smoothly!


Australia Tops the List for Expat Destinations Among the Wealthy

With 2018 officially underway, the data from last year is in…and Australia was the most popular choice among high net worth individuals looking to relocate abroad in 2017.

According to New World Health’s 2018 Wealth Migration Review, Australia beat out the United States for the third straight year. Based on the report, qualifying earning factors limited the sample group to 15 million individuals across the globe, with around 95,000 of them moving primary residences to another country.

According to Domain, “Australia dominates once again due to four key factors, according to the researchers: proximity to emerging Asian economies, its safety record, relatively low inherited taxes, and perceived problems with the US healthcare industry.

“Australia’s superior growth over the past decade has also no doubt had an impact on confidence and business opportunities – over the past 10 years, total wealth held in Australia has risen by 83 percent compared with 20 percent growth in the US,” the researchers say.


By April, Cape Town May Run Out of Water

South Africa’s second-largest city is in a state of emergency, as officials say that “Day Zero,” the date when clean water will run dry in the metropolitan and surrounding area, may be as close as three months away.

Responsible and forward-thinking citizens are forgoing showers, recycling bath water to flush toilets, and stocking up on hand sanitizer to eliminate hand washing.

A few crucial factors have contributed to this crisis: a rapidly increasing urban population, one of the worst droughts in over 100 years, and cyclical climate changes. These unfortunately-timed events have combined to put Cape Town in a deadly predicament.

Aside from instructing the populous on how to recycle and reuse water during this crisis, the government will impose a water cap for all Cape Town residents starting in February, allowing only 50 liters of water per person, per day.


Yes…Nutella Riots Break Out in France

Fancy yourself a chocoholic? Well, how far would your love of your favorite chocolatey treat drive you to satisfy your sweet tooth? For many in France, the answer is full-scale rioting!

Popular French supermarket Intermarché slashed prices of the popular chocolate-hazelnut breakfast spread this week (from €4.50 to €1.4), leading to the kind of violent customer stampedes seen in the most graphic of Black Friday news reports. Hair pulling, lacerations, trampling of the elderly, and cereal boxes being flung like hand grenades are just some of the details reported by local police and media.

The uproar has led to some supermarket locations rationing out only one jar of Nutella per customer, per day.

With the future of the world in jeopardy, I think it’s safe to say that we are all united in the hopes that this conflict will find a peaceful resolution soon.


Number of Americans with Passports Rising Significantly

It has often been a myth in international circles that only 10% of Americans have passports, a jab indicating their lack of urgency to see the world beyond their borders. This number was true in the mid-90s, but thankfully that number has grown significantly in the last twenty years.

Current numbers show that over 40% of Americans have legal documentation to travel internationally, a number that has grown increasingly since 1989. Globalization has contributed to that, as media has made the world a smaller and less mysterious place. The more people watch shows and see Instagrams photos from exotic locations, the more they are inclined to want to visit these places for themselves.

A change in culture has also led to the increase in global travel. Traditional timelines of going to college, getting married, finding a steady job, and settling down are being turned on their head by recent generations. Young adults are putting more emphasis on travel and life experiences than income and social status than ever before. While this may make us rethink or re-prioritize our life goals, this social shift in values can only come with positive consequences.

The more we open our minds, experience other cultures, and gain a global perspective, the better able we will be to unite in order to make the world a safer, happier, more prosperous planet.


Walk the Walk: How to Travel Lightly From Someone Who’s Done it

We all start out packing for a trip with the same intentions: pack only what is necessary. And yet, like most New Year resolutions, this ambition quickly escalates into a scene from Hoarders. If you’re even on the fence about whether or not to pack something for your trip, you probably don’t need it.

Take it from author Jill Paider, whose recent book Carry-On Only, details how she traveled to over 100 countries as a solo female traveler…without ever checking a bag. “After so many trips you get down what you need,” Paider says.

“I think it’s just having all the basics and then really knowing, if there’s an emergency or you need something special, knowing what you can buy in the location that you’re in”


Thank you for reading this week’s round-up! If you’re interested in learning more about living as an expat, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. At Escape Artist, we aim to be your number one resource for all things related to international living.

Whether you are planning on living, working, retiring, or investing overseas, Escape Artist can help you with every step of your journey.

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This article was published in the Escape Artist Weekly Newsletter on January 27, 2018. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, please click here.