Mayan Ruins, “Bring a Friend” to the Philippines, and Olympic Update

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January went by quickly! As we enter February, we can look forward to the upcoming Super Bowl (for American football fans) and the Winter Olympics, where countries around the globe will be tuning in and rooting for their nation’s top athletes.

In this week’s round-up, find out what the newest archaeological discovery was in Guatemala, learn why you can’t get a work visa in Oman, how you can win a prize for visiting the Philippines, and more!

If you’re curious how the North Koreans are settling into South Korea after the controversial decision to join the games, we have that too!


Hidden Mayan Ruins Discovered Within Jungle

Mayan ruins allow people like us to walk where a fascinating ancient civilization established its roots, laying the foundation for culture, art, science and more. If you are an avid Mayan ruin traveler, you may be interested to hear that more were just discovered! Unfortunately, what was discovered is hidden beneath dense Guatemalan forest.

Researchers have discovered 60,000 hidden Mayan ruins in a jungle in Guatemala through laser technology. This is huge! Digital surveying was used to find houses, palaces, elevated highways, and defensive fortifications just under the forest canopy. Most of the structures are believed to be stone platforms what would have supported a pole-and-thatch Mayan household.

Lidar, revolutionary technology using light detection and ranging, has discovered that the Mayan civilization may have been more sophisticated, like ancient Greek or Chinese civilizations, than we thought.

The landscape was near an already known Mayan city. It is thought to be home to millions more Mayans than what was previously believed.


No More Expat Visas in Oman?

If you were hoping to land a job in the expat-heavy country of Oman, you may want to look elsewhere. After steady growth in the expat workforce, the country has decided to take a break from issuing new work visas.

A six-month ban on work visas for expats in ten different sectors has been issued in order to encourage certain sectors to hire skilled roles from within the local population. The complete list of affected sectors includes information systems, sales, marketing, administration, human resources, insurance, media, airports, engineering, and technical professions.

According to the Omani National Center for Statistics and Information, the number of expats in the workforce has almost tripled over the last decade, from 660,950 in 2007 to over a million people in 2016.

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Manila Relies on Expats to Bring Up Tourism Numbers

The Philippines have issued a “Bring Home a Friend” program hoping to see an increase in foreign visitors. Filipino nationals can invite foreign friends to visit the country and enter into a chance to win prizes like gift certificates, a car, or a condo in Manila!

The program that began in October of 2017 is hoping to meet a 7.4 million visitor goal, an increase from the 6.6 million recorded last year. In 2016, the Philippines only saw 6 million visitors enter the country, which is quite low compared to the 26.8 million in Malaysia and 32.6 million in Thailand.

Relations are also warming up between the Philippines and China, which is also good news for the tourism sector.


2018 Olympics Coming Soon!

As the 2018 Olympics in South Korea near, athletes have begun to enter the country to begin training. On Friday, North Korean skaters began their training. As you may remember, North Koreans participating in the games was a controversial decision, especially after the decision to combine the North and South Korean Women’s hockey teams.

One North Korean skater, Choe Un Song, has already been injured since his arrival. He slid into a padded wall during a practice at the Gangneung Ice Arena. Skaters from Italy and France have skated among the North Koreans, but little interaction is said to have taken place.

The Olympic events begin Friday, February 9, 2018.


Fun Facts About the 2018 Olympics

Like stated earlier, the games are just around the corner. Let’s dive into some of the cool and interesting facts you might not have known!

  1. Pyeongchang is the smallest host city since the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway.
  2. The official slogan for the Games is “Passion. Connected.”
  3. Hannah Brandt will play for Team Hockey USA while her sister, Marissa, adopted from South Korea as a baby, will play for the Olympics’ host country.
  4. Seven sets of siblings will compete for Team USA in Pyeongchang.
  5. This year’s medals are the heaviest in history (gold: 1.29lbs, silver: 1.28lbs, bronze: 1.09lbs).
  6. Big air snowboarding is the newest event.
  7. This is the third time that Pyeongchang bid to be the host city for the Olympics.
  8. Pyeongchang is introducing a new rail system that will get visitors to the city from Seoul. It will take one-third of the time it currently takes.
  9. Soohorang, the mascot of the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, is modeled after the white tiger, Korea’s guardian animal.
  10. With eight new events, the total medal events rose to 102, but 259 sets of medals have been made.


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