What happened in the world this week?

Though the world seems to be changing rapidly, some major changes happening this month are taking a bit longer than many expected. This week in international news, seceding seems to be the theme. Catalonia fights to leave Spain, leading the Spanish government to use a never-before-used article to put a halt on the move. Brexit continues to make its way into the news due to a delay in the Prime Minister’s divorce bill.

Also, read below to find out how you can use bitcoin to gain a second citizenship.

Catalonia Fights for Independence: An Update

Following weeks of political unrest after a controversial vote held in Catalonia, Spain said it would begin to implement article 155 on Saturday. This never-before-used article will allow the Spanish government to take complete control of Catalonia.

Catalonia’s leaders have stated the region’s parliament would vote to formally secede if further repression continues.

The original vote was held on October 1, and was deemed illegal by Spain’s supreme court.

Since the article will be implemented, the government is to decide a list of specific measures to transfer powers from Catalonia to Madrid. What those measures are, however, are unknown. The fate of Spain is also unknown at the moment as Catalonia continues the fight for freedom.

The European Union Council President, Donald Tusk, says that the EU will not be taking action in the Catalonia situation. He said, at a joint news conference, that there is no room for action and mediation.

Brexit Progress Continues… Slowly

The EU continues to headline the news this week as British Prime Minister, Theresa May, makes little progress in Brexit.

May, who was originally against Brexit and later changed her mind, has refused to put a figure on the Brexit divorce bill. EU leaders warn that she will need to make en effort in order to continue with the split.

While EU leaders and negotiators say the final stages of the split can only happen after the Prime Minister completes the divorce bill. May, however, told reporters that figures for the liabilities bill would not be named until the final stages of negotiation. These opposing opinions continue the deadlock between the two sides.

Earlier this month, Theresa May stated that the UK would cover the costs in the EU budget round, and no member state would lose out. But, by refusing to put a number on the commitment, she bothered EU leaders.

The UK did receive some good news recently. European Council president Donald Tusk announced that internal preparations for trade talks would begin once the deadlock was broken. More negotiations will take place at the next European Council Summit in December.

Bitcoin for Vanuatu Citizenship

This week on Escape Artist, Richard Butler dove into the possibility of using Bitcoin for citizenship in the Republic of Vanuatu. Don’t know what bitcoin is? Check out this article by Mike Cobb, where he explains it all.

Now that you have a firm understanding of the currency, you may be interested to know that a program has just been set in place that allows those seeking citizenship in Vanuatu to use bitcoin in order to do so. The program, named the Development Support Program (DSP), offers honorary citizenship to foreign investors who don’t want to pay the one-time contribution of $200,000 USD for a single applicant.

This great news allows “high net worth individuals and tech-savvy professionals to invest and relocate to this South Pacific archipelago…”

The country is located east of Australia, north of New Zealand, and just a plane ride from China, currently the second largest consumer market in the world.

To learn more about this, read Butler’s full article.

Caye International Bank Global Investment Symposium

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