Glenn’s World

Hello and welcome to my first entry into what may or may not be an interesting view point from a Gringo named Glenn! I hope to generate enough interest to continue to share my experiences concerning my work and life traveling this great world of ours. I am fortunate that most of my world travels occurred before all of the current turmoil. My life started back in the 60´s in the US State of Kentucky and continued there until the 80´s when I set off to college in Florida to pursue my dream as a Commercial Diver. Little did I imagine that I would end up living on the Pacific coast of Ecuador less than 30 years later after traveling and experiencing much of the US and the entire world. As most of you are interested in the international side of things I will skip the US side of the equation for now.

My introduction to the international world occurred by accident. I had been working as a commercial diver since graduating from the Florida Institute of Technology in 1984. I was traveling and working in the US from coast to coast starting in the Gulf of Mexico with the oil industry before moving into the inshore diving world working from the west coast to the east coast. Things were slow for me in 1994 while living in Maryland. A college buddy of mine said ¨Hey Oceaneering is always looking for help and if you have a passport go to the office in Maryland and ask for Jack! ¨ The office was less than an hour from home and I did have an unused passport so I thought, Why Not. I called and set up an interview for the following day and upon arrival I was sent to see Jack. This had to be one of the strangest job interview ever as Jack did all the talking from the time I said ¨hello my name is Glenn¨. He looked over my resume and asked me if I had any problems with international travel. Once I said ¨no not at all¨ I was sent to the company doctor for a drug test and then back to the office the following day to pick up my flight schedule and company uniforms. The following day I was on a jet plane bound for Jakarta Indonesia. The city is large and crowded but the people were friendly and the food was excellent. I was able to spend about two weeks in the country while we set up the ship that was going to lay and bury a new fiber optic cable from Indonesia to Singapore. Singapore, WOW what an awesome country, but that´s an entire article for later. My portion of the job lasted 90 days and required working 12 to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fortunately it was my first experience in many respects so the time went by very quickly.

We were fortunate enough to be staying in a centrally located hotel as we mobilized the work boat and the last thing to be set up was the galley and kitchen staff, so that left us to explore and have meals on our own. Fortunately the big city meant that speaking English as my only language was not that much of a problem. Lots and lots of fresh fish and noodles were common and delicious everywhere we went. Beers were cheap and the locals were always looking for fun, in fact I don´t think I´ve met a happier people anywhere my travels have taken me. The only down side to Indonesia is that it´s very, very hot and humid and they have a rainy season that should be renamed a flooding season. I probably could not have picked a better country to start my life of international work and travel! I hope you enjoyed the start of my writing experience and continue to tune in for future stories.