Glenn’s World, Part 3

Hello again, and, as promised this article is all about Singapore. All I can say is that this country should be on everyone´s bucket list. It´s probably not the best place to retire, as property is very expensive, but everything else is inexpensive.

Singapore is an Island at the end of the Malaysian peninsula connected by two bridges and surrounded by Indonesia to the south, with Thailand and Cambodia close by to the north. It´s central location makes India, Vietnam and China close by as well. Singapore is made up of not just one big island but over 60 islands formed together to make one country. Being an island country they must import just about everything. So they bring in things from all over and this makes it home to a wide variety of people. So by going to Singapore and traveling around the city you can experience all of the different Asian cultures and sample a little of each one. You can visit China Town, Little India, or Peoples Park for the Korean side of things, Joo Chait for all things Vietnamese, and the Geylang area for Malaysian and Indonesian cultures. Each is as unique as it is different. They offer shopping experiences as well as culinary delights and not one is to be missed. Also, for shopping, the area known as Orchard Road has lots of beautiful items ranging from the high end market on down to the low end market.

The Singapore government knows how to make their people happy and they also cater to expats from every other country. Traveling around is easy with a public transportation system that is one of the best in the world. For such a relatively small country with so many people they truly have thought of everything, and they keep it spotlessly clean. If shopping doesn´t grab your interest then maybe one of Singapore´s parks, numbering close to 300, will. What amazed me the most was all of the different types of cuisines with each more delicious than the next. What I´ll never forget is one of the types of spicy snails that they served in the Joo Chiat area. These were so good with a cold beer that my boss at the time wanted to, ¨extinct the species! ¨ He was joking of course. I don´t remember the name of the snail dish, but many of the foods had names that were either difficult to remember or pronounce. So luckily, many places had menus with photos and English is the predominant language everywhere you went.

I cannot possibly do justice to such a wonderful and diverse country in just one article and I recommend that anyone who is interested do a little Google research. Especially before making a trip to see for yourself, research all the wonders one relatively small country has to offer. One thing I can do is guarantee that if you spend a week in Singapore, and plan to devote each day to a different area, it will make a short vacation seem like you discovered 5 or 6 different countries. Enjoy!