Driving in France: 5 Ways to Stay Safe

Fancy a holiday to somewhere exotic and luxurious like the gay streets of Paris? While traversing the Champs-Élysées may seem like a great day out, there’s always the potential for disaster.

Today we’re going to document five handy ways you can stay safe while driving in France – doing our part to ensure you don’t get into mischief when you’re there.

  • Use a Satnav

It’s not a requirement, but it’s highly advised for visitors to use a map or satnav at all times while traversing France.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that having a device which monitors where you are and how far you are from major cities and towns is going to go a long way to ensuring your safety.

Look around and find a satnav that is going to do the job for you – you’re going to be tackling the busy streets of one of Europe’s most affluent countries, after all.


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  • Try to Avoid Paris

Paris is a city which receives universal adoration for its majesty and culture – but that doesn’t mean you should hit the roads there any time soon.

With hordes of cars on some very busy streets, and traffic which’ll keep you backed up for quite literally miles, the Parisian avenues are well worth avoiding if you’re in a motor vehicle.

Crashing isn’t the only risk, however, and finding a spot to park your car is just as much of a challenge as avoiding the chaos.

  • Pay Attention to the Laws

Every nation has some wacky laws which are sure to catch you off guard – and there’s certainly no exception when it comes to France.

While a lot of the normal regulations apply when it comes to stuff like travelling with a seat belt on and refraining from using a mobile phone behind the wheel, there are also some more obscure regulations.

One such code of conduct comes in the form of the necessity to travel with an unused breathalyser on you at all times. Failure to do so could result in a fine.


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  • Terrain

There’s probably a high likelihood you aren’t someone who tackles mountainous terrain on a regular basis in your daily life – unless you happen to have a lovely little chalet in the Alps, of course.

As such, it’d be wise to take advantage of some handy tips to ensure you maintain safety levels at all times throughout your journey. These include things like:

  • Keeping a full tank of petrol
  • Braking extra early before turns
  • Staying vigilant of the weather
  • Taking food and water with you
  • Getting a CB radio in case you’re stranded with no mobile coverage

Following these steps will go a long way to guaranteeing you escape the mountains with little to no stress or damage.

  • Get Plenty of Rest

In truth, this could apply to quite literally anywhere – but keeping yourself as refreshed and awake as possible throughout the journey is key to staying out of harm.

Stop along the way and even pull over to the side of the road if you’re feeling exhausted but aren’t near enough to a hotel or service station to safely continue.

When travelling in a foreign country, having your wits about you is critical. Tiredness severely reduces how alert you are and only heightens a chance of calamity.


Image credit to: https://www.flickr.com/photos/timothykrause/

Hopefully you’ll heed to these five safety tips when next driving in France. The European nation is one of the most beautiful on Earth, but needs to be treated with respect in order to avoid disaster.