7 Top Experiences That You Shouldn’t Miss in Singapore

Singapore is often dismissed as a travel destination because many think that it is too expensive. However, you can never really know the place until you have discovered the little wonders of joy and the hidden treasures. The Lion City really is a medley of different cultures and people, each with their unique stories.

The experiences we’re listing out here are affordable, educative (sometimes!), and exhilarating. The aim is to showcase the city’s history and its more recent success as a leading commercial hub.

So for those who are looking for a transformational experience, here are 7 things you should try in Singapore.

1. Island of Pulau Ubin

If you’re the adventurous kind, cycling around the bucolic surroundings of Pulau Ubin – often considered to be among the last of the original fishing villages – can turn out to be refreshing for you. This island, located northeast of the mainland, sits in the strait between Singapore and Malaysia. You could rent a bike and discover the untold stories of the decrepit rubber plantations and the beautiful coconut groves.

2. Night Safari

Although a popular tourist attraction and often crowded, it has carved a unique spot for itself in the annals of history as the first nocturnal zoo. You could ride trams and safari vehicles through the zoo and discover nocturnal animals in their full splendor. Watching these animals under dimmed lights has a special charm that you can only know once you’ve experienced it.

3. Water Hockey

If you’re a sports and fitness enthusiast, this one comes highly recommended. Get a chance to wear your snorkel and fight for a puck underwater at Queenstown Swimming Complex. It might resemble ice hockey but the experience of wrestling for a ball underwater against players with different levels of skill has its own lure. These games are conducted twice every week. If you’re not too confident in your hockey skills, don’t worry. Experienced trainers will help you learn the basics in no time.

4. Marina Bay Sands Skypark

While the famous Infinity Pool, sitting atop the historic building, may only be available to the guests staying at the hotel, you can still get a sneak peek into the city’s magical skyline from the Observation Deck. You can have a few drinks and relax with your friends while getting a panoramic night view of Singapore.

5. Midnight Shopping at Mustafa Centre

Do you want the unique experience of navigating through shops after midnight? The many items for sale at the Mustafa Centre will truly enthrall you then. You can also take walks along the Little India roads and find a different kind of flavor that is missing from the sprawling city boulevards.

6. Singapore River Cruise

Want to feel the rustic charm associated with the bumboats operating on the city’s river? If you want something modern, you can be on one of the modern cruise boats. You’ll get a microcosmic view of a city that has reached the pinnacle of success, and a memory that you can take when you leave Singapore. Either way, a trip down the Singapore River will surely be an inimitable experience.

7. Fort Siloso

If you want to learn more about the city’s resistance against Japanese invasion during the Second World War and the untold sacrifices of the people, based on which modern Singapore has been crafted, you need to take a guided tour of this fort. While Changi Prison may be more common among the tourists, this fort offers a different take on Singapore’s wartime history.

A Bonus Destination For Those Who Read Till the End!

Bukit Timah Food Centre

This place houses some of the best street-side cafes and hawker centres that offer affordable food prepared hygienically and with care. Xie Kee Hokkien Mee, Yong Seng Satay, and Nyonya Cendol are some of the most popular eateries along this place. With a bottle of beer or a special Milo drink, you can make your food taste heavenly.

If you are a local and haven’t visited these places, now is the time to head out on a picnic. And while you’re out shopping and dining, don’t forget to take the right credit card with you. Because a little bit of saving makes each experience a little bit more remarkable.

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