4 Hiking and Biking Trails You Might Want to Get On in Calgary

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and the fifth largest city in Canada. It is found on the Bow River and is approximately 80 kilometers from the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Having a population of more than 1.3 million residents, you could say that this is one large city.

All About Calgary

Calgary is known to be the fifth-most liveable city in the world and has retained its rank since last year. The city scored perfect marks (100 out of 100) in three of the five categories: stability, healthcare, and education. These categories have more than 30 qualitative and quantitative factors which evaluate how comfortable city life is.

Calgary has vast grasslands which still hold the image of the Wild West. It was aptly nicknamed Cow Town and holds an annual 10-day event called The Calgary Stampede. Despite the name, it is considered to be one of the cleanest cities in the world.

The city has an active arts and culture scene, great schools, and plenty of great events and concerts! That being said, Calgary is one of the best places to take that hard-earned vacation of yours. You can even settle or retire and find a home in this lovely city with your family, by yourself, or with a significant other.

Calgary: Hiking and Biking

Calgary has the most extensive urban bikeway and pathway network in North America. Due to the fact that the city is close to the mountains (about 850 km of pathways and 95 km trails), Calgary is a fitting place to get moving.

Moreover, the paths and trails are regularly maintained for seasonal events in the winter and are paved when the season starts to change. Due to the effort of the city in maintaining the beauty and the quality of the trails, it’s no wonder people from all over want to come and test them out for themselves.

Here are the best hiking and biking trails that you can enjoy by yourself, with your friends, family, or partner.

1. Weaselhead Flats

Hike Rate: Easy-Moderate

Where: Weaselhead Flats, 37 St SW & 66 Ave SW, Calgary, AB, Canada

Travel Time from Calgary (Approx.): 19 min.

Hours Open: 5am- 11pm

Features: Hiking trails, Wildlife, Pathways, Cross-country Skiing, Seasonal Washrooms, and Seasonal Fountains

Found at the mouth of the Elbow River southwest of the city of Calgary, Weaselhead Flats occupies around 237 hectares and was created in the early 1980s. However, the park was closed when a 2013 flood revealed a number of undetonated explosives left from the training conducted by the Canadian Armed Forces from 1908 to 1998.

Considered as safe for visitors, there are still warning signs being placed in the park to alert people of the possibility that an explosive may still be present. Aside from hiking, Weaselhead Flats is popular for schools when taking educational field trips because of military history.

2. South Glenmore Park

Hike Rate: Easy

Where: South Glenmore Park, 8415 24 St SW & 90 Ave, Calgary, AB T2W 1B4, Canada

Travel Time from Calgary (Approx.): 22 min.

Hours Open: 5am- 11pm

Features: Picnic Areas and Shelter, Playgrounds, Spray Park, Tennis Courts, Polo Fields, Hiking Trails, Biking Trails, Cross-Country Skiing, Sailing School and Boat Rentals

Surrounding the south side of Glenmore Reservoir including the Weaselhead Natural Area in South Glenmore Park. The park is home to a variety of playgrounds and parks for kids and is also accessible to disabled children. Glenmore Sailing School can also be found in South Glenmore Park.

The park has a variety of paved paths and good dirt, as well as poor and declining paths alike for bikers and hikers. Paths that lead into the Weaselhead Natural Area will leave you feeling the rustic nature as the raw terrain erases the reality of urban traces nearby. Keep going through the path and you will eventually enter Weaselhead Flats.

3. Fish Creek Park

Hike Rate: Varies

Bike Rate: Varies

Where: Fish Creek Provincial Park, 15979 Bow Bottom Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2P 0Y8, Canada

Travel Time from Calgary (Approx.): 26 min.

Hours Open: Depends on the season, but is normally open from 8am – 8pm

Features: Hiking Trails, Biking/Cycling, Swimming, Pathways, Golfing, Birding, Wildlife

Fish Creek Park is a provincial park found in the southern part of Calgary. It is one of the largest parks in North America and is the second largest park in Canada. It has a variety of paved and unpaved hiking trails for hikers, walkers, rollerbladers, runners, and bikers alike.

Despite being a dog-friendly park, dog owners should always keep their pets on a leash. This is to ensure the safety of wildlife, pets, and other visitors alike. Furthermore, Fish Creek Park holds snow-conditioned activities such as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

4. Nose Hill Park

Hike Rate: Varies

Bike Rate: Varies

Consumer Resource Guide

Where: Nose Hill Park, 5620 14 St NW, Calgary, AB T3K 2P6, Canada

Travel Time from Calgary (Approx.): 18 min.

Hours Open: 5am – 11pm

Features: Hiking Trails, Native Grassland, Wildlife, Washrooms. Off-leash areas and trail and pathway improvements.

Nose Hill Park covers more than 11 kilometers and got its name from looking like the shape of a nose. Despite being in the big city, Nose Hill Park is an oasis of grasslands and prairies which are home to an abundance of wildlife, such as deer, coyotes, porcupine, and more.

Featuring off-leash areas for dog owners, people get to exercise and enjoy their hikes along with man’s best friend. However, even though if there are off-leash areas, keep an eye on your pets. Nose Hill has wildlife that can either harm or be harmed by your pets.

Happy Trails!

Whether you are biking, hiking, or walking with a group or by yourself, being able to get up and get moving keeps you healthy and alive, as well as reconnecting yourself with Mother Nature. There are plenty more hiking and biking trails that are just lurking around the corners of Calgary waiting for you to discover them.

Take your vacation, relaxation, or retirement to the fullest by discovering each and every gem that nature has to offer.

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