10 Conferences You Should Attend in the Next Year

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10 Conferences You Should Attend in the Next Year

For those looking to educate themselves about the expatriate lifestyle, there really is no better option than attending conferences. Conferences bring together various industry experts, and provide unique learning opportunities for attendees. Perhaps you’re interested in finding international investment and asset protection strategies, or maybe you’re looking for a quality real estate development to become a part of, or perhaps something different from these. Either way, conferences can provide the best possible way to learn about the various aspects of international living that you are interested in discovering.

Luckily for you, there are many reputable conferences that are held every year which can help you to achieve your goals. Listed below are the top 10 best conferences to attend in the coming year for those seeking to expand their lifestyle internationally. These conferences cover various aspects of expat life, and all are held by reputable organizations, businesses and individuals.

Heart of ECI – Nicaragua

The Heart of ECI – Nicaragua Conference is one of the best ways to get to know the country of Nicaragua. You will be part of a multi-day, interactive conference. I say interactive because this event isn’t just sitting in a hotel conference room, no. The Heart of ECI – Nicaragua conference will take you out and allow you to explore the country. You will get to visit the capital city, as well as the colonial town of Granada. Take a boat ride exploring many of the tiny islands near Granada, and later, have dinner on the beach. The Heart of ECI – Nicaragua conference is worth attending merely for the good times that will be had. But of course, the conference is educational as well. Attendees will get to learn about the culture of Nicaragua, hear first-hand what life is like there, and see some real estate options as well. This is an excellent conference for anyone even remotely interested in Nicaragua.

Heart of ECI – Belize

Much like the Heart of ECI – Nicaragua conference, Heart of ECI – Belize will take you and a small group of other curious individuals on a journey through the beautiful country of Belize. You’ll get to see Mayan ruins, spend time on Ambergris Caye, Belize’s largest island, as well as enjoy delicious Belizean cuisine. Real estate options will be featured. This is a great conference to attend for anyone looking to get to know the country of Belize.

Freedom Fest

What exactly is freedom? Is it as simple as the words written down in the Bill of Rights? Or is it something much deeper? Freedom Fest is all about answering these questions. What exactly is freedom, and how can we maximize it? These are questions that speakers and attendees alike will be discussing at this year’s Freedom Fest. Any individuals who consider themselves to be avidly devoted to the ideals of freedom should consider attending this conference. The conference will feature such big names as Senator Rand Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and entrepreneur/former heavy weight champion George Foreman. It will be held in Las Vegas from July 13-16. More info is available here: http://freedomfest.com/

Live and Invest Overseas, Las Vegas

Live and Invest Overseas is one of the biggest names when it comes to organizations that cater to informing people on the ins and outs of the expat lifestyle. They have a wealth of knowledge about living, investing, and retiring in foreign nations. The great thing about Live and Invest Overseas is that they combine industry knowledge, such as how to go about purchasing international real estate, with first-hand knowledge, often taking the form of a current expat telling his/her personal story. You get a good mix of both, which is very necessary.

LIO’s Las Vegas Conference is one of their biggest, and a great place to learn all about the expat life. The Las Vegas Conference will focus specifically on retiring overseas. Many different subjects related to retiring overseas will be covered. And, to be clear, overseas retirement options from all over the world will be discussed. The conference is August 28-September 1. You can find more info here: http://www.liveandinvestoverseas.com/how-to/2016-retire-overseas-conference-in-las-vegas.html

Vienna Conference

Mr. Joel Nagel is a well-known figure in the international wealth management community, and his Vienna Conference is always well attended. In fact, it has consistently sold out for the past several years. This is because the value of attending this conference is well known to those in the know. You will get to learn about the most effective asset protection and wealth management strategies. These are policies that the 1% use to maintain their wealth, and now you can implement them in your finances as well. The Vienna Conference takes place in September of every year and, as stated above, it frequently sells out, so if you’re interested in attending you should sign up now.

NuView Orlando Conference

NuView IRA is a group that specializes in self-directed IRAs. Self-directed IRAs can be an excellent alternative to traditional IRA management, specifically for those who are not satisfied with their current level of IRA performance. NuView offers many alternative options for IRA management, such as investing in precious metals or international real estate, to name a few. They will be holding a conference in Orlando during September of this year.

Caye Bank GT Conference

International banking is an important aspect of international diversification and asset protection. The benefits of hedging against the risks of a single banking system are significant, and any truly diversified and efficient wealth management plan will include some aspect of international banking. International banks typically have higher liquidity ratios and allow for wealth to be stored in various currencies or even in precious metals. In addition, an international bank account is essential for anyone who plans to spend a significant amount of time in a foreign country, whether it be for business or lifestyle.

If you are interested in learning more about how international banking can become an effective part of your wealth management strategy, Caye Bank’s GT Conference in Belize is an excellent place to get started. Caye Bank is an established and well-respected international bank. It’s location in Belize makes it ideal for Americans, as Belize is a mere 2-3 plane ride from many major American air hubs. In addition, English is the national language of Belize, making life simple for those who choose to vacation or do business there. The GT Conference will be held in November of this year.

Content Marketing World

This is a world class conference for those looking to expand their content marketing skills. This is a very large conference, with over 80 workshops being offered. It is also very well attended; in 2015 3,500 marketers showed up. This conference will also appeal greatly to the international community, as attendees hail from over the globe. In 2015, this conference hosted individuals from 55 different countries around the world.

The conference will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, and will take place September 6-9.

You can get more info here: http://www.contentmarketingworld.com/

Hotel Opportunities in Latin America

This conference is a bit farther in the future, being held from April 26-28 of 2017, but it is certainly worth mentioning. Anyone involved in the hospitality business in Latin America, or thinking of becoming involved, will find this conference useful.

More info can be found here: http://holaconference.com/hola-2016-presentations/

President’s Week Conference

Finally, we have the President’s Week Conference. This conference is held every year by Nagel Law, and explores the ways in which to maximize protection of one’s assets. It has featured such prominent speakers as Jim Rickards and Egon von Greyerz. It is scheduled to be held in March of 2017.

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