10 Apps You Need When Traveling Abroad

There’s a lot of planning that comes with traveling overseas, even if it’s just for summer vacation. Are you prepared for your next trip? Here are ten useful apps that can help with your travel plans abroad!

  1. Google Translate
    This app works as a translator (as you probably would have guessed), so when you’re in a foreign country where you don’t know the native language, you can use it to translate signs, menus, etc. It works when you hold your camera up to the text in question. Once you download this travel app, you’ll wonder how you went so long without it.
  2. TripIt
    This nifty little app is a mobile trip planner, and it shows all of your trip details in one place. You can view your flights, hotels, maps, and directions on it. It will sync with your mobile calendar and post your travel plans to your social media, so that your friends and family are clued in on where you’re at. Pretty convenient!
  3. CityMaps2Go
    CityMaps2Go is exactly what it sounds like – a map guide of different cities. It can help you get around many of the major cities of the world, like New York, London, Paris, etc. It shows points of interest, subway maps, and local tips from people who know the city you’re in. Who knows? You might stumble across something fun you didn’t even plan for.
  4. The Converted
    For travels abroad into areas that use different currencies, this app is a must! It simplifies the currency exchange by allowing you to convert your currency over to that of the country you’re visiting. You don’t have to visit exchange booths at all. The rates are updated daily, so you can also count on its accuracy.
  5. App in the Air
    This travel app helps you manage your time at the airport and in the air. It tracks your flight, even when you’re offline, and also breaks down each flight into the four stages: check in, boarding, takeoff, and landing. If you decide to use TripIt, you can sync it with App in the Air for a truly streamlined travel app experience.

  6. GateGuru
    Another useful app for flight information is GateGuru. This one tells you about the airport food and amenities, along with weather at the airports and maps and tips for traveling. Think of it like TripIt, but with some added information. It can also import your itinerary and connect the dots for you.
  7. Foodspotting
    If you’re looking for specific foods, this travel app can help you find them. You just search for the item you’re craving, and it lets you know where to find it. This app even provides reviews of the restaurants in question, so you can get a general idea of what to expect.Consumer Resource Guide
  8. Chefs Feed
    Similar to Foodspotting, Chefs Feed is just a step up. It offers restaurant recommendations from top chefs on the best restaurants and dishes in the biggest/most popular travel destinations. If you’re a foodie, don’t pass this one up!
  9. Mint
    This app is perfect for helping you keep to your budget when traveling. You can track all of your spending here, and it provides graphs to show you your progress in keeping (or straying from) your budget. Mint comes in handy when you accidentally get pulled into too many tourist traps.
  10. ICE
    ICE stands for “in case of emergency,” and is a nice app to have in case something unfortunate happens, where you’d need someone to go into your phone and call an emergency contact. This is good to have just as a backup safety measure – maybe even for peace of mind.

When traveling abroad, you can never be too prepared. Some of these travel apps may seem silly or unnecessary, but you might find that others are truly helpful. Take a minute to try out a few and give them a chance!